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A Wellness Revolution That Works

What if you could be wildly healthier and wildly happier without completely giving up your favorite foods or spending two hours a day in the gym? If you don’t know where to start and you’ve haven’t exercised in years, don’t worry. It’s never too late to begin introducing healthy food or moderate exercise.

Who is the

Men and women of all ages and all sizes, no matter what your fitness level. All are welcome!

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

3 John 1:2

Those suffering from unexplained health issues like back pain, headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, recurring upper respiratory illness, mood swings, depression, inability to lose or gain weight.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Busy people, entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, hair dressers, nurses,…. anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired! We’ll get to the core issues of what’s holding you back from having more energy and better health!

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1

What Happens in the


Get an audio recording to inspire and motivate you for the week!


Are you thirsty for more bible study? Listen to audio recordings of the Bible.


Learn about toxic mold and environmental illness that affect your health.


Break FREE from limiting beliefs about your past and step into the fulfilling future God has planned for you with a blog that will renew your mindset.


Shemane-choreographed workouts


Our Wildly Well community will gather live via zoom to share their wins (and losses) of the week.


Working as Shemane’s partner in the health and wellness business has been an awesome experience. I get to see up close and personal how much she loves people & how passionate she is about helping them. She has boundless energy, dedication, and knowledge of the health & wellness industry. Shemane is a great COACH and inspiration!

~ Danielle S.

While Shemane may look like she has it all, she has been through more than almost anyone could imagine. She talks about losing her health and her path to reclaiming it. She shares her struggles of being married to a rockstar and the more typical challenges of being a mom, a step-mom and a wife in this busy world that asks for every last minute of the day and every last ounce of energy we have. Shemane shares tips and tricks to overcome these challenges in just four minutes a day in the hopes that this small window of time will get you to choose to put yourself back on the priority list.

~ April O’Leary

I love Shemane’s passion for helping others improve their health, happiness, and spiritual growth. I’ve seen her coach in group settings like each person is her only focus. Shemane is a raw and real servant simply wanting to help make our lives and the world a better place.

~ Niccie Kliegl

I had the privilege and honor to work with Shemane Nugent as a coach/facilitator when we did our Master Mind series. Shemane is very motivating, energetic and fun. We learned so much from one another. The participants in the class raved about Shemane’s effectiveness and encouragement. I would attend as many master mind classes as I can knowing Shemane is leading them. Shemane is an expert in her profession and it shows when she teaches. I am so glad she is willing to give selflessly of herself with her great talents. Her mastermind classes will help you to be a better you. I know I am.

~ Barbara Melvin

I love Shemane and all the healthy living outlook on life that she exemplifies so freely to others. Her charisma, love, & compassion for life itself is intoxicating and contagious! I’ve learned so much from her through this 30-day challenge and I’m excited for more challenges ahead giving this soon-to-be 50 year old some restored hope.

~ Mary Heafner Suthers

Oh my goodness! You have been an answered prayer n my life. You are helping me in so many ways. Thank you for giving your time and sharing your life experiences to help others who so desperately need to have positive life coaches as you ❤

~ Kim McElroy Hayes

Shemane, I want to thank you for bringing about this program. It has drastically changed my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! God bless you.

~ Brent McCain

Shemane, you made a difference in this challenge. We are grateful to you for creating this space and giving us a direction. Your warmth, smile and positivity are a positive force in the world. Thank you, Shemane!

~ Allison Further

Want to change your life? Need some inspiration? Shemane Nugent—one of the coolest chicks on the planet—has the answer. With hard-won experience and wisdom, Shemane offers a path to better health, wealth and happiness—in just 4 minutes a day. And, given that she’s a Nugent, there’s a hefty dose of soul-stirring rock and roll in there too! Read this book NOW—and within 4 minutes, you’ll find yourself smiling—and on the way to a better you.

~ Monica Crowley, Ph.D.

How Will

Transform My Life?


Transform your health with natural remedies for more energy, better sleep and supernatural health in weekly coaching with Shemane


Keep track of your fitness, food, water intake, sleep and measurements


With 40 years experience in the fitness industry, you’ll get weekly workouts choreographed by Shemane with her most effective exercises.


Receive encouragement from like-minded people who share the same values


Renew your faith by listening to daily scripture reading and learn the Bible in a year!


What would it feel like to finally reach your health and wellness goals? To be stronger, healthier and happier?

Hi, I’m

I’m on a mission from God to make the world a happier, healthier place. I’ve been teaching group fitness classes for more than 40 years! I’ve had the unbelievable opportunity to travel the world as an International Fitness Presenter for Zumba, training instructors. Wow! Pinch me! But life wasn’t always peaches ‘n cream. I got sick and almost died from toxic mold exposure in my home that was once featured on MTV Cribs. It hasn’t always been easy, but I put a smile on my face and appeared on Vh1, MTV, CMT, Discovery, C-Span, Entertainment Tonight, FOX and many other programs.

I’ve written about my trials in my books, “Married to a Rock Star” and “4 Minutes To Happy”. I also co-authored a New York Times best-selling cookbook “Kill It & Grill It” with my husband, rocker Ted Nugent

I’m a busy mom, stepmom, and dog mom. I love chocolate, Fritos, sunsets, and helping others get wildly well.

What You’ll Get


Weekly Goal-Setting and Support ($100 VALUE)


Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls with Shemane ($750 VALUE)


Workout Tracker ($25)


Wellness Journal ($25)


Healthy Recipes ($25)


Tips on Proper Stretching ($100 VALUE)


Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced Workouts ($900 VALUE)


Nutrition Advice ($350 VALUE)


Inspiration to keep your RESOLUTION! (FREE GIFT)


Natural Remedies for allergies, headaches, joint pain (PRICELESS!)


Audio meditation ($25)

$27/MONTH OR $324/YEAR



Action Plan, Checklist & Resources


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