What if God Is Calling You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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We get complacent knowing that we might have security in a job we’ve had for years, or comfort in a relationship that seems stable. But what do you do when something seemingly permanent fades away? You’re shocked, maybe even physically ill. You want things the way they used to be. Life would have been so much easier.

I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me a few times and it’s no fun. It seems like the world is whizzing by at a frenetic pace and you just want to stop and get off the Merry Go Round. As if you’re sea sick and you just want to plant your feet firmly on solid ground.

People have told me to just get over things that have happened decades ago, but when something violently rocks your world, there’s no manual for how to get over a difficult time. Sometimes a song or billboard or the smell of certain food can bring you back to a moment, you know?

What’s helped me get through the tough times is knowing that God might want to shake things up for a reason. Maybe there’s a better relationship or a job waiting on the other side of that tribulation. We get called out of our comfort zones to be in positions to shine His light to more people, or just one person who needs to be lifted up. Recently, I walked into a room full of strangers, not knowing how I’d be received. After all,

I’m the wife of a rock star. There are certain expectations people have assumed about me, I’m sure. I was busy and could have cancelled. I thought about it. What do I wear, anyway? But I found myself getting into the car and driving although I didn’t know what to expect or how to act.

I knew that God was guiding me. I took a deep breath and walked into a room full of strangers, and you know what? I walked away from that event with new connections, new friendships and potentially wonderful opportunities! Curiously, has God called you to do something outside your comfort zone?

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