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Weekly Recap

Hi there!

I thought you might be interested in update of some things I’ve been doing recently and other social media I’ve discovered that have made me laugh, cry, or are educational.  To help save you time, I’ll wrap it up in a super cute package delivered to your in box each week (mostly.  I might skip a week here & there)

Making Fitness Fun: Teaching Zumba Fitness

Social SnapsIt was so much fun to teach a Zumba fitness (& I do mean fitness!!) class this week at the Naples Family Fitness Center.  Instructors teach differently.  As the developer of Zumba in the Circuit, I am naturally inclined to infuse a lot of fitness into my dance routines. My goal is to make sure my students have a great workout. Also, I realized that some people feel they are uncoordinated and actually fearful of walking into a dance/fitness class.  By adding squats and lunges periodically, I know my students will be getting a good workout – which is mainly why they want to attend!  It’s also FUN!!  My goal is to make you sweat and smile!

Click on this link for a highlight video
Naples Family Fitness

Educational Tidbits: It’s Time for Ticks!

LearningIt’s Tick Time!  Check out the Facebook Live video I did about Lyme disease. Many times this goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Recognize the symptoms before it’s too late!

Click Here To Watch The Video

Ted was recently bit by a tick and he had some terrible flu-like symptoms. Fortunately we caught it in time. Learn what to do if you get bit.

Ted’s Story
Lyme Epidemic Clock is Tick-Tick-Ticking

Healthy Living: Looks Good, Tastes Better!


A delicious snack or meal can be the easiest! I love this Caprese Salad with avocado!

Fun and Family: Kids and Dogs

My grandson Finn celebrated his 5th birthday! Isn’t he adorable?Cuteness Alert


My dog Sadie just LOVES to carry things around. This log was almost as big as her!

My dog Sadie

Motivational Quote

Motivational QuoteYou can’t always please everyone so you may as well please yourself!

You can’t always please everyone so you may as well please yourself!

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