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My number one tip on how to be happier and healthier is to find the thing that makes your heart sing and do it more often! Find joy in the small moments. Breathe, pray, experience life to the fullest and don’t sweat the small stuff. Know that God is on your side. #MotivationMonday #Motivation #Happiness #Joy #faith

Learning / EducationalStarting and ending my day with prayer helps me to have more confidence that I’m walking in purpose. 🙏🏻 You might be surprised to know that I struggle with self confidence. At times I beat myself up for saying or doing things differently. 🤔Becoming aware of how I can do better, and be better every day gives me hope. ✨ The daily messages in Jesus Anonymous help keep me on track too! 🎯

Check out our Power Hour Royal online program (link in bio) for a weekly faith & fitness coaching program. ✨
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Throw back to when I really was part of the band! I was a featured dancer and toured with @reospeedwagonofficial @styxtheband and of course hubby @tednugentofficial

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone but I was 50 years old! Crazy, huh?! .

Why did I do it? A few years prior to this photo, and my brief fling as a rock ‘n roll dancer, 💃 I had a life-threatening illness.
Toxic mold contamination between the walls of my home that was once featured on MTV cribs made me deathly ill. But when I recovered, I promised myself to do things that might scare me. Remember, I was 50 dancing on stage in front of thousands of people at a rock ‘n’ roll concert! That is scary! Honestly, I wouldn’t have done it had I not gotten sick. When you lose your health and are lucky enough to get it back, you’re unstoppable!.

In upcoming posts I will share details about how I cured myself and my family with alternative remedies. Stay tuned! I also discuss it in my upcoming program Inner Circle. Text the word “circle to 345345 if you want to join me.
#tbt #fun #dance #rocknroll

A really, really, really quick workout!

Music by @roccomoon
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The older I get, the more I want to live life to the fullest and that means eating my favorite foods and slacking off. Yep. You read that right. 🧐 80% of what I eat (and do) is so darn healthy and organic! But the other 20 percent? Not so much. 😉 You’d probably be surprised to know that I love to eat: pizza, pasta, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, 🍪Fritos, and I drink wine, too. Some days I wear baggy sweat pants and no make-up while I binge watch Netflix & Hulu. (I watched Handmaid’s Tale, Ozark and Big, Little Lies within the first couple weeks of their launch). .
Sure, I workout 3-5 days a week, sometimes 7. I try to get enough sleep, but with three dogs (4 counting hubby), that’s not always easy. 😴

I eat LOTS of veggies and stay away from fried foods. 🍟 But for me, life is about balance and not denying myself a few indulgences on occasion. 🍕

It’s officially the weekend! You probably worked hard and tried to eat a lot of salads this week, (just say yes). So let’s rock that 20%, shall we? 😎 p.s. pass the wine, please.🍷
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#Repost @gabbybernstein with @get_repost

Be satisfied with what is while you’re reaching for more. Have fun along the way… #abrahamhicks

I just can’t say enough good things about dogs. I don’t like people who don’t like dogs. Period. Dogs show you their true feelings. You know when they are happy, you know when they are sad, you know when they are angry and want to protect you. What’s not to love? #Dogs #DoggyMommy #GermanShepherd #LoveMyDog #Dog #dogsarefamily #puppy #dogsofinstagram


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