It’s the day after Labor Day and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about the summer already. Where did it go? What did I accomplish? .

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who said she was bored. What is that like? For me, the summer flew by. But then I realized I was always busy working on projects, attempting to change the world. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for everything I want to accomplish. Do you know what I mean?

The seasons are about to change and so am I. .

Today is a new day..

I’ve been
working on the October relaunch of my Sacred Inner Circle program, writing a new book about women’s empowerment, sharing my passion for healthy living with others, releasing the 2nd edition of my 4 Minutes a Day book, and much more.

There still aren’t enough hours in the day for me but, if only for today, I will allow myself time to daydream, to enjoy my family, friends and of course my fur babies. I will try not to feel rushed. I hate being rushed but I realize that’s a condition I place on myself. .

What do you plan on accomplishing in the next few days, weeks, and months? Use this season change as an opportunity to start fresh – because today is a new day. 🌞



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I’m Shemane, I’m an ambassador for healthy living, I am an International Fitness Presenter and have been a group exercise instructor for more than 40 years.





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