Throwback Thursday!

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Throw back to when I really was part of the band! I was a featured dancer and toured with @reospeedwagonofficial@styxtheband and of course hubby @tednugentofficial

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone but I was 50 years old! Crazy, huh?!

Why did I do it? A few years prior to this photo, and my brief fling as a rock ‘n roll dancer, 💃 I had a life-threatening illness.
Toxic mold contamination between the walls of my home that was once featured on MTV cribs made me deathly ill. But when I recovered, I promised myself to do things that might scare me. Remember, I was 50 dancing on stage in front of thousands of people at a rock ‘n’ roll concert! That is scary! Honestly, I wouldn’t have done it had I not gotten sick. When you lose your health and are lucky enough to get it back, you’re unstoppable!

In upcoming posts, I will share details about how I cured myself and my family with alternative remedies. Stay tuned! I also discuss it in my upcoming program Inner Circle. Text the word “circle to 345345 if you want to join me.


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