The Mind-Body Connection



“Before aligning the mind, body and soul … first one has to straighten their mind out.”
― Stephen Richards

Part of being healthy and happy is not only based upon what we eat and how we exercise, but how we think and feel. Scientists are discovering and admitting to the links between how our emotions affect our health. We’ve all heard stories about couples that have been together for a long time and when one of them dies the other soon follows although they had no terminal health problems. Grief can have an astonishing effect on the human body and can cause heart attacks and even stroke.

Meditation, relaxation and finding things to distract you from overwhelmingly negative thoughts have been proven to relieve stress and even pain during difficult times. When my husband, Ted, had both of his knees replaced he was in an incredible amount of agony, even with anesthesia. I tried something with him that I knew that has helped me with debilitating migraines. Don’t expect it to completely take away the pain of a critical injury, like a broken arm, but try this when you’re feeling stressed. It worked for Ted.

Close your eyes. Picture what that pain looks like in your mind’s eye. Give it a shape, a color (something dark) and even a name. What does it look like?

Now, take several long, deep breaths. With your eyes still closed, picture the air coming into your lungs as a bright color. Watch it spread throughout your body. Soon, your body becomes a brighter, healthier more vivacious color that now takes over the pain. Watch as the dark color and shape of the thing you called pain is exhaled. Repeat this exercise throughout your day today. Record your thoughts and feeling about this exercise.

How did you feel after breathing the negativity or pain away?




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