The biggest thing I’ve ever done!

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This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done and I wanted to share it with you!
I really care about you; your health, your happiness, and your spiritual mindset.

I pray for you, I really do.

Wouldn’t it be great to create a movement…a group of women who are SO EMPOWERED, SO HAPPY and SO HEALTHY they’re unstoppable! Sorry guys, women only!

Join the 3-Day Empowered Woman Challenge to transform not only YOUR life, but the lives of other women, too.

The Challenge is only open for a limited time and I’d really love to have you in it!

It will only take a few minutes a day for 3 days, and it might just change your life – and the lives of everyone around you! Just think about who YOU can influence!

Here’s your last chance to change the world – YOUR world!

Join the Empowered Woman Challenge!

Galatians 6:9

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.


If you’ve ever had a migraine you know that there isn’t much to be thankful for during those times. You’re in pain, nauseous, and sometimes seeing in mosaics. What benefit could you possibly derive from that. Listen in and you’ll find out.

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Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough or, just….enough? Maybe you’ve worked hard all your life, raised a family and allowed your health to slide a bit. So why start working out now? You don’t have time anyway. Maybe people laughed at you when you said you wanted to start a new business, or write a book. They listed a dozen reasons why you shouldn’t. You’re overwhelmed and exhausted. Does any of that sound familiar? How would it feel if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would it be like to be content and at peace in every situation? No matter what curve ball life threw at you, you could handle it. No matter how that difficult person in your life cut you down or pushed your buttons, you kept a smile on your face — and inside it really didn’t bother you. What if you could be healthy, have an abundance of energy, and you knew what your purpose in life was? How would it feel if you had so much joy inside, and you knew exactly what your purpose in life is? What if you could be truly empowered to live life to the fullest every day? My motto is to find the thing that makes your heart sing and share it with the world. To be bold and brave. Are you with me? Learn the 3 Pillars of Becoming an Empowered Woman! 🔅Link in profile🔅 Together, we can change the world! #empoweredwomen #empoweringwomen #empower #womensupportingwomen #christianwomenleaders #women #christianwomen

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