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You and Ted are amazing people. I am from Michigan and love you both. thank you for standing up for hunters and conservation!!

Drew Ward

Onsted, MI

Your beauty starts within, and radiates outward. Your heart and soul, your attitude, and you generosity way outweigh the physical attributes we’re told constitutes beauty. God bless you, and your family, Shemane Nugent. 😎

Paul Piersma

Grand Rapids, MI

The fact that you radiate beauty from the inside first is what makes everything else that we see with our eyes that much better! You are an inspiration to both my daughters that are in college and that says volumes to this dad. Keep on doing what you’re doing because obviously it’s working very well for you and in dong so, you inspire many others. You are definitely a role model for all.
Brett James

Wow! I don’t know where that comes from but you are a roll model and an inspiration. You set the bar for others to strive for. Be proud. We are proud of you!

Jeff Busard

You are truly beautiful inside and out! Always look forward to you big smiles and positive outlook! Your love for the Holy Spirit shows in you!!❤😍
Cindy Hamel

Big butts are over rated.Youve got an awesome body and beautiful look and delicious lips and curves everywhere.and all that wrapped around a big heart and smart brain.Damn near perfect I’d say+ Ted’s blood runs thru you. 😉

Bob Kircher

Mansfield, OH

[su_quote cite=”Monica Crowley, Ph.D.,
Fox News
The Washington Times “]Want to change your life? Need some inspiration? Shemane Nugent—one of the coolest chicks on the planet—has the answer. With hard-won experience and wisdom, Shemane offers a path to better health, wealth and happiness—in just 4 minutes a day. And, given that she’s a Nugent, there’s a hefty dose of soul-stirring rock and roll in there too! Read this book NOW—and within 4 minutes, you’ll find yourself smiling—and on the way to a better you.[/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Allison Further”]Shemane, you made a difference in this challenge. We are grateful to you for creating this space and giving us a direction. Your warmth, smile and positivity are a positive force in the world. Thank you, Shemane![/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Brent McCain”]Shemane, I want to thank you for bringing about this program. It has drastically changed my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! God bless you.[/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Kim McElroy Hayes”]Oh my goodness! You have been an answered prayer n my life. You are helping me in so many ways. Thank you for giving your time and sharing your life experiences to help others who so desperately need to have positive life coaches as you ❤[/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”L Dale Woolery Gaines”]Finding Shemane gave me hope beyond compare. [/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Jeff Bennett”]Thank you for all that you do and say to help people have happier, healthier and better lives. You are definitely a bright light during our world’s darkest times. God bless you and your family.[/su_quote]

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