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This week I launched my book, “4 Minutes a Day, Rock ’n Roll Your Way to HAPPY” on Amazon.com.  It was a risky venture for me to put my heart and soul, my inner-most thoughts and ideas on paper for the world to read, but I am glad I took the gamble that it would be well received. My goal has always been to help others be happier and healthier by telling my story and sharing the tips and tricks to get in shape that I’ve learned throughout my thirty-three years as a fitness instructor. But it hasn’t been without conflict.

Anytime we put ourselves in a vulnerable position we take the chance that the information we share, whether it’s a new project or idea, will be ripped apart, criticized or condemned. Our egos are delicate and fragile. It takes thick skin, a strong backbone, and the willingness to persevere when the going gets tough to be successful. It has taken over a year to get my words into print, but in the first day of sales, we reached #30 in the Happiness category on Amazon! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to change many lives in a positive way, but it is also slightly difficult to weather the storm of occasional haters and self-doubt.

After watching replays of TV interviews I did to promote the book, I wondered where all the wrinkles came from and where the 24 year-old girl with the stars in her eyes had gone.  (For a good laugh, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrFx9dLeHcM).  There were multiple snafus in getting the book published (the Kindle version wasn’t available with the other book formats on launch day), and many times I wondered if the risk was worthwhile. I took a chance that disclosing such an important and painful memory as losing my home and getting deathly ill from toxic mold exposure would do anything to bring awareness to such a devastating hardship.

It has been overwhelming to see all the positive feedback from not only those who purchased my book, but the well-known authors and healthy living bloggers who supported me. From the bottom of my heart, from every cell inside me: Thank you! The rave reviews on Amazon.com about my book brought tears to my eyes. It makes me beyond happy to know that my words can relieve stress, help people figure out their own difficult situations, and to be happier and healthier in just a few minutes each day.  Taking a risk like falling in love, starting a new job, or putting your heart and soul and pages for the world to read is challenging but can be very rewarding.  I highly recommend it!

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