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On rare occasions we meet people who inspire and intrigue us with their love of life and adventure. Their energy permeates ours and we feel uplifted just being in their presence. Jill Wheeler is one of those people. She is an adventure therapist, filmmaker, mother, wife and yoga instructor who is traveling around the world with her family for a year. (How great is that?!)

I first met Jill several years ago when taking her paddle board yoga class with my son Rocco. The older I get, the more I want to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. The best Mother’s Day presents are just being able to hang out with my son, who lives thousands of miles away. His presence was more than enough, but he also offered to do whatever I wanted to do that special day. Having raised Rocco to be active and athletic, I asked if he wanted to try a new workout with me. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Do you want to try paddleboard yoga with me?

Rocco: Sure. What time is paddle board?

Me: 9:00

Rocco: What time is yoga?

Me: 9:00

Rocco: I don’t understand.

Giving us all the details about getting started with a paddleboard, Jill was a master instructor. She guided us into yoga poses that would both challenge us and allow us to breathe in every molecule of peace and serenity that beautiful morning provided. And somehow, she even managed to cue a dolphin that circled us for a brief moment. It is an experience Rocco and I will always treasure.

During her adventure travels, Jill wrote a blog I wanted to share with you. Although it’s titled “A Girl Should Be Two Things”, I believe men can learn from it as well.

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