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Summer is here! That means picnics, pool time, parties, and lots of fun! But also potential sunburns, feeling overwhelmed, and weight gain from too much snacking and unhealthy food.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and have a fabulous fun-filled summer!

  1. Drink lots of water. You can set a reminder on your phone to notify you periodically throughout the day to drink water whether you need it or not. Sometimes we get so busy and we forget. I like to put lemon or cucumbers in my water for a refreshing twist. You can also have fruit like strawberries, apples, or watermelon.

  1. Get good sleep. We want to stay outside as long as possible and take advantage of the beautiful weather, but that oftentimes means going to bed later. Never miss an opportunity to rest. Sit outside on the rocking chair with your lemon water and just BE.
  1. Watch mindless eating and snacking. If you really want a piece of cake at a party, allow yourself to have a couple bites. But don’t fill up on the potato chips too. Make good choices. All those excess unhealthy snacks will catch up with you by the end of the summer. Plus, it will drag you down and make you feel lethargic. When you go to a party, don’t munch on everything you see out of habit. Scan the room for healthy snacks and stay by those.
  1. Limit alcohol consumption. Have a glass of wine or beer or cocktail but rather than having that second drink right away, have a big glass of water – cucumber water!
  1. Keep moving. Just because you’re outside sweating, it doesn’t count as a workout. Try to fit in three regular workouts every week for at least 30 minutes.  Try to get in stretching, cardio and strength training too. Don’t miss your workouts.

Hope these tips help you have a fun, fabulous summer!

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I’ll see you there!

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  1. Jay Dittmar

    Thanks for the tips,practicing in moderation,yes the heat is on,feels good to work out,doing all above,wishing Ted,an family,Happy 4 July 2016.From Maria,an Jay,making shade,love yall,Peace,


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