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Ok, are you ready for some deep conversation? Recently, my husband and I had those difficult discussions about funeral arrangements and what kind of burial we’d like. Sounds gruesome, I know, but these are real, straightforward talks that need to happen. We’ve all had those thoughts about our own mortality: What if I died tomorrow… Have I done all that I wanted to do? What would I have done differently?

It caused me to reflect on my life and the changes that I have made in the past decades and the legacy I’d like to leave behind. I am definitely not the same person I was twenty or thirty years ago. The struggles and triumphs I’ve endured got me to the place where I am now. By no means, am I perfect. Rather, I am a student of life – constantly learning and soaking up information like a sponge. The older I get, the more time I want to spend grabbing onto knowledge as if it were an outstretched arm from a firefighter as my house was burning. I want to learn all that is humanly possible, while trying to get through an ordinary day of work, paying bills, household chores, taking care of pets and my family.

When I was a teenager, I went to a church with my mother and grandmother that was a nondenominational Christian church. While there were biblical quotes given in every Sunday talk, there was also discussion about a book called “A Course in Miracles”, which is a philosophical interpretation of the Bible.

Hang with me, this is deep talk. 

For more than three decades now, I have been the student of “A Course in Miracles”, just as I have been a student of life, and Christianity. In my opinion, you never can gain one hundred percent knowledge of those, or snow skiing – but that’s another story, and another blog. The goal is to keep studying and continue learning and have fun while doing it.

This blog is sort of a coming-out opportunity for me. I have been posting spiritual commentary on social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and in my book 4 Minutes a Day, Rock ’n Roll Your Way to Happy, but have never gotten very deep. Beginning now, I am jumping into the pool of spiritual teaching and in a way, preaching. Like the well-known saying goes, we teach what we’d most like to learn.

In a recent Facebook post with the picture used in this blog, I stepped outside my comfort zone and dove deeper into teachings in “A Course in Miracles” and meditation. The response was overwhelmingly supportive and appreciative. It seems like more people are interested in how to gain inner peace and be happy, just like I am. In future blogs, social media and in a brand new program I’m developing, I will expand on this metaphysical concept and continue to dedicate my efforts to helping others find peace in their lives.

Having been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness certainly gave me time to reflect on what’s most important in my life and the human body’s amazing ability to repair itself after serious illness or injury. It made me realize that I have to make my health a priority so that I can continue to help others on their journey to happier, healthier living. God wants us to be happy and healthy, and being healthy is not just about looking good in a swimsuit. It’s about having peace of mind. Lesson 34 of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) discusses how we can replace our feelings of depression, anxiety or worry about difficult situations with peace.

Before I pass on, I hope to share information that will be educational and enlightening for those who wish to absorb it. If you are at a similar point in your life where you’re asking yourself, “is this all there is”, then you’re in the right place. Thank you for receiving these blogs. Please share them with family or friends who might be interested. With more than thirty years in the fitness industry, a Master’s degree in metaphysics and nearly three decades of marriage to a rock star, the content should be educational, enlightening and somewhat entertaining. If not, have a nice day and enjoy the pictures I post.

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  1. Dawn Meyers Hallauer

    You are one of the most down to earth people that I have ever encountered. Thank you for just being “normal” , even though you’re married to a famous rock star.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Hey Dawn!
      I’m probably too down-to-earth. I just pulled weeds in my garden and have dirt under my fingernails!! ; )

      I’m glad you’re here!

      Have an amazing day!

  2. John

    Love you Shemane and this is NOT a criticism, just a “Heads up. You said you have “Been a student of ACIM, life, and Christianity.”
    My experience is that we need to be very careful not to make anything equal to Christianity, but rather to interpret other things through Christianity.
    I probably don’t have to tell you that….
    Keep up the great work!!

    • Shemane Nugent

      I appreciate your “heads up” interpretation, John. I am a student of many things…..which means I am constantly learning as much as I can.

      Thank you for being here.

  3. Trisha Samseli

    Too crazy. I read a section is ACIM every morning, I go-to a ACIM class every Monday. Small world.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Good for you Trisha!!
      There isn’t a ACIM study group near me – perhaps I should start one!!

  4. Patrick

    Shemane…. This has reached me at a very needing point in my life…. Not sure why but everything is for a reason. Thank you… As I continue to follow you I will look forward to learning more…. Miracles are all around us.. Always happening. Big…. Small…. We just have to open our hearts and that will open our eyes….

    • Shemane Nugent

      Absolutely Patrick!! I’m happy that this reached you at a time you were open to receiving.


  5. D.J. Hunt-Kornya

    Shemane, I too was a student of ACIM. I felt dishonesty in the teachings. I found a work by Bruce Fraser MacDonald, PhD, that has changed my life. Make your own decisions, but take some time to check him out. God/Goddess Bless. Peace, Love, and Light.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Thank you D.J.! I also follow the teachings of Dr. Paul Masters from the University of Metaphysics, now University of Sedona, where I obtained my Master’s degree. It’s important for us all to keep reading and researching. I will check out Dr. MacDonald as well!

      Many blessings, love and light to you!

  6. Larry Strawbridge

    Wow! I look forward to your “Course in Spirit of Shemane”……or whatever. I have rocked with Uncle Ted since the Amboy Dukes days in late 1960’s. I’m 67 years old or young depending on how i feel. I cant get Spirit of the Wild on cable anymore due to my household budget, but still retain, honor and meditate upon the Spirit everyday!

    • Shemane Nugent

      Good for you Larry! Keep meditating & enjoying your own version of the Spirit of the Wild. You are 67 years young!!

  7. Shemane Nugent

    I totally agree Tracy! And I was at the same place…wondering what people would think of me. You have to find inner peace for yourself, from wherever that may come. I believe we are all inspired and enlightened in different ways. Thanks for joining me here.

    God bless you and yours, as well (Fur babies included)

  8. Doug Dick

    I’ve been practicing psychic healing for many years and It does work. I’d like to share the how to I wrote a number of years ago for you to do with as you will.

    Psychic healing

    Something that has worked for me for many years is psychic healing. I won’t suggest that it’s a replacement for a medical doctors treatments, rather the two can work together to enhance and speed healing.
    I firmly believe that the mind body and spirit must be treated as a whole. It may be most difficult to heal yourself because you must be able to relax your body and your mind in order for this to work. For those of us fortunate enough to have loved ones living in the same house or nearby I’d suggest asking them to get involved.
    Once you become proficient at this you need not be in the same room or indeed the same country. I have a friend who used to live in California who has credited me with getting rid of her migraine headaches more than once. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada.
    The good part of this is that it can’t hurt and it could help greatly.
    The how to is posted below and I welcome any questions or feedback.

    Sit erect but not tense- take a deep breath to the count of five- slowly relax and let the air out for the count of ten- repeat this ten times consecutively- while performing this exercise close your jaws firmly and clench each hand into a fist. Keep all of the body relaxed except for the jaw and fists.. as you breath in and out think to yourself that each breath is bringing you a great surge of energy and power which you are storing within you.
    You will notice stimulation 15 to 20 minutes after you complete this exercise.
    What is not evident is a general increase in total energy, which will last for several hours.
    Its effectiveness will be in direct ratio to the skill employed in visualizing.

    I should add that when you visualize always use a positive, never a negative.
    For instance instead of asking to be rid of your affliction ask to be well, to feel good. Perhaps best of all is that it’s free and there are no side effects as there can be with some drugs.

    I’ll also add some quotes you may already be familiar with and are undeniably true.

    As a man thinketh so is he.
    Action follows thought.
    Faith can move mountains.
    The mind is the builder, thoughts are things.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Thank you for sharing your insights Doug and for joining the discussion here.

      Have an amazing day!

  9. Adam

    You and your husband are great people and both of you inspire me .Adam from texas

  10. LeVan Moxley

    Prayers for you and your family. God loves you.

  11. Shannon Walker

    Shemane I just found your blog and it is incredibly inspiring! Thank you for all your words and encouragement. You are a beautiful person inside and out. 🙂 I have a woman whom I have been best friends with for over 30 years. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer 10 years ago and went into remission. 2 years ago she received devastating news that it had returned with a vengence. She is now in stage 4 and is able to function normally (driving, walking, and doing normal things). I have been scared of her dying but I know I need to prepare myself. The conversation you had with Ted about funerals etc is one her and I have actually talked about with me changing the subject after a brief exchange of words on the subject of what she wants when she does go. She has endured more than I could ever endure and I admire her strength despite facing this adversity. I consider her to be my soul sister. It doesn’t matter where I am at, I feel her emotions even far away. We have often compared days where one of us were sad without knowing why. We found, it is because the other broke down after having a bad day or dealing with people who had been less than kind to us.
    Honestly, she is my world and I cannot imagine my life without her. Would you please pray for her for me? I pray every night for her and so far my prayers are being answered. I even have others praying for her too. We live an hour and a half away from each other here in Michigan and due to the demands my job has on me right now, I haven’t been able to go to see her. I am a manager at H&R Block and as you well know, it’s tax season and our busiest time. I feel guilty but my job is what pays my bills. I will have May and June off per corporate policy so I am hoping I will be able to spend time with her then. I am there for her as much as I can be and she understands but I still feel badly about working when she needs me right now. I’m sorry to ramble on. I know you are very busy. Thank you again Shemane. Have a wonderful week.

    • Shemane Nugent

      I absolutely will pray for her & you. What is her name?
      My BFF & I live 1500 miles apart, but still talk every day. We often feel each other’s pains, so I understand what you are saying.
      We often beat ourselves up over guilt, but always ask yourself if that’s what the other person would want.

      Stay strong.

      • Shannon Walker

        Her name is Ruthie Alcala! And thank you so very much Shemane! That is very nice of you. And thank you for your words.

  12. Shannon Walker

    Shemane, I forgot to add, she is on chemo for the rest of her life and some days she is very sick. She has been in the hospital three times now from the issuea with her cancer and all have been around or on her birthday which is in March. The cancer is now in her bones, lung, liver and she has a lesion on her skull.
    I changed the subject of her future funeral plans not because I don’t care, but because I have not been willing to face the fact that she will someday leave me. I know that sounds selfish and am sorry if it does. As I said, I cannot imagine my life without her. We always joked about how we would torment (playfully) each other in a nursing home or at each other’s homes.
    Also, she has good and bad days but I truly believe her willingness to fight has kept her from going down quickly and I am thankful for her strength.
    Again, thank you Shemane. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

    • Shemane Nugent

      So sorry to hear, but I’ll keep praying for a miracle – as I know you are too.

    • Tami Richards

      I am so sorry for what you are going through with your friend. I am a hospice nurse in AZ, I know talking about funerals are difficult but she feels safe with you and knows You will make sure her wishes are fulfilled. She and you are very blessed to have each other, guilt is normal, very normal. Please listen to her wishes, it’s hard, I know but it will help both of you begin the grieving process together. She is so scared of the unknown I’m sure and so are you. Leave nothing unsaid with each other, whether in person or on the phone, she needs someone like you to hear her and she you. Know this, her spirit will probably wait for you to be present before she dies if possible. To so many left behind, death is a horrible experience but for the one one passing, it’s peaceful, serene, and a blessing if pain/suffering due to disease was involved. The death of a loved one is hard, but know she will be with you always. The butterfly that comes close, the wind that touches your face, the smell of her favorite flower (when not in bloom), her favorite song on the radio, and just the memories that come to mind in the middle of.the day. She is there, she can hear you always – when your ready to hear her, close your eyes and you can hear her. So sorry for my rambling, Thanks for listening

  13. Lois

    Kind of stumbled on your website and also am a student of ACIM. I would say that it is a system of shifting thought from fear to love. From war to peace. Lightness from darkness. Marianne Williamson is someone I like to listen to in regards to this amazing work. I don’t think it interprets the bible or Christianity but deeply explains Gods love. And you sound like a cool gal, but how do you balance the ACIM work with the negativity of your husband’s point of view? Whenever I hear him speak, it makes me so sad and is not inspiring, at least not to me.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Why do you think I write about being positive, eliminating emotional vampires, etc…? I have a lot to work with, don’t I? ; )
      First, I don’t visit his page a lot and I don’t get caught up in what he says all the time. He’s very passionate and sometimes that passion is loud. I focus on the amazing things he does, all the charity work, keeping me & my family safe and protected, taking care of us and our pets, and that he brings me flowers often and genuinely cares about my well-being.
      When welders work, sparks fly. That’s how I look at what my husband does. A lot of sparks are flying around me so I duck. : )
      My message is very different from his and that’s ok. If there’s something I vehemently disagree with I’ll say so, otherwise I pick and choose my battles. Most marriages are like that.
      Marianne Williamson is one of the biggest ACIM voices out there. She was the pastor at the church I attended in Warren, Michigan. She was up on stage saying horrible things about President Bush – which may have got her fired. I don’t know. I was surprised to hear her be so hurtful. It happens to those of us with the best intentions.
      We’re all humans – being. We all make mistakes. I do. I just try to do the best that I can every day

      Have an amazing day Lois! Glad you stumbled on to this site. ; )
      Thanks for sharing your

  14. Julia Holland

    I know I need a change and definitely exercise in my life…I’m 50lbs overweight and tired all the time…I work 12 hour shifts at night in a busy ER and have difficulty sleeping and keeping any kind of normal schedule. I don’t use drugs, but I do take OTC meds for sleep. I will also use alcohol to get to sleep. You have been very motivating to me and I want be healthy? Ordered your book and hope it can take me to the right place. Thanks for caring!

    • Shemane Nugent

      Wow! That is tough. Sounds like you need to take care of YOU Julia. Can you fit 4 minutes a day into your schedule for life changing moments? When you exercise even a little every day – and that can be just moving, walking or stretching — you’ll begin to see a transformation.

      I have a chapter about how to get good sleep in my book, too!

      Please let me know what you think.

      Take care of yourself so you can help others.

      Many blessings, to you.

      • Julia Holland

        Made me cry that you responded to me…I have 4 minutes and more, but just as you say, “I make excuses “. I have my profile picture with Ted cause I’m proud to say, I met him. I desire to be as passionate as the two of you…meeting him was as close as I could got to you. Maybe we will meet when you come to Baltimore. I would love to send you my before pictures and work to send you after…they are not naked, haha, but are very revealing of my current health. Not worthy of anyone else viewing, but would be proud if you made a difference. Love you!

        • Shemane Nugent

          Well, I don’t want to be responsible for making you cry! But it sounds like a good cry. Right?!

          Keep up the great work & thanks so much for being here!

          Love u back!

  15. Todd Mazur

    Hi Shemane! Todd here from Tomball,Tx Originally Born and raised from Palatine ILL. Got to Texas as fast I could with the Folks back in 1977.
    Thank you for the free gift I saw you on Facebook and downloaded your gift on Adobe I’m going to start following your blog as well you and Ted seem like terrific folks I got to meet Ted and you at the NRA convention back in the early 2000s you both seem to have your head screwed on straight I love yalls ethics and views on Life,possitivity and i understand where your coming from by reading your free download and I’m watching your Chats on live Facebook!
    I’ll definitely be ordering your book!
    And then I’m going to share it with my sister as well.
    You and Ted stay healthy and safe God bless!


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