Smile. It will either warm their hearts or piss them off. Either way you win! —Author Unknown

guitar_pic_whitebackgroundWhen I was working at a radio station in Detroit as the traffic reporter, a coworker seemed to snarl at me whenever we crossed paths. One day, I finally asked her if I’d done anything to upset her. “I just have a problem with people who walk around smiling for no reason,” she said.

Well, I have good reason to smile. I’m truly grateful for my blessings and choose to be happy more than I’m sad. It’s what I want out of life. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all walked around smiling and content?

Once, on a brutally hot and humid day in Miami, my son, Rocco, and I were doing some shopping and sightseeing. We stopped into a convenience store to get a cold drink. The building was decrepit and seemed to be hotter inside than it was outside, but we were tired and thirsty. The clerk had a broad smile and cheery demeanor, and he greeted us with a confident, “Hello, my friends!” His happy attitude was contagious. We immediately smiled through our sweat and walked back to our hotel with a spring in our step.

Why do some people always seem to have a chip on their shoulder while others are grateful to have shoulders? Negative thoughts enter our minds often throughout the day. Whether it’s the guy who cut us off in traffic, or bad news, our journeys on earth are emotional roller-coaster rides. Although that man in the convenience store probably had a minimum-wage job and worked in conditions that were less than desirable—without air conditioning—he was pleasant and upbeat.

Being happy is a choice, one that can trigger a chain reaction for the people you encounter. If only for today, smile more than you don’t.

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