Shemane’s Newsletter Update – September 9, 2019

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All about mold


Archery is a great sport for improving hand-eye coordination and relaxation. If you can calm your mind and relax your body by taking deep breaths as you draw back a bow, you’ll be amazed at how the petty problems of the day seem to disappear. — I say this as I just knocked over a bowl of dog food. Sh** happens. But whenever I grab my Mathews bow and set my mind to just a little target practice, I start to feel more relaxed. If you’ve never shot a bow before but would like to try it, head to your local archery shop and ask for a free lesson. You should always start with a bow that is easy to pull back. Never let anyone tell you otherwise!! I only use a 35 pounds! Are you interested in more information about how to get started? Check out Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show on Outdoor Channel! #archery #tednugentspiritofthewild #mossyoak #bushnell #mathewsarchery #goldtiparrows #archerygirl #hunternation




My boys!! #family


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The filming of the filming! I am so incredibly proud and elated that I am actually doing something I’ve always wanted to do: making a documentary film! It’s amazing how when you pray and plan and ACT things come together! 🙏🏻 Thanks to my amazing crew @mattthomp @roccomoon @andrewfronzdp #killerhouse #documentary #documentaryfilm #womeninfilm


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Check out my podcast with Clare Pizzimenti Loughrige all about then Enneagram! How to deal with difficult people — hint– it starts with working on yourself!




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