Shemane’s Newsletter Update – September 2, 2019

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Seriously? Summer is almost over? 😩 #summer #sunshine #sun


It’s Monday & I’m thinking I need to hit the gym. And the beach! No seriously…lifting weights is a great way to tone muscles, increase bone density and help stimulate your metabolism. And having Coco, my German Shepherd, oversee the progress is a great motivator! #fitnessmotivation#fitness #fitnessover50 #gsd #gsdofinstagram #germanshepherd




My boys!! #family


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This is what real apples look like. Without pesticides to keep bugs away they have brown spots and holes. They don’t look perfect. They also don’t have those dumb toxic stickers that grocery store apples have. Who’s idea was that anyway? Yuck. How can we change that? Any ideas? Meantime…I’m gonnna go make something with these! 🤔#organicproduce #apples#pesticidefree


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New podcast is available for download! Whoop Whoop! 🎤Seriously, I’m SO excited about the new look and sound of “This Rockin’ Life” (available on itunes) I hope you are too!
Today’s show is all about the Enneagram – a transformational tool that will change your life! My guest, Clare Loughrige is a Certified Enneagram Instructor, an author, and a pastor. The Enneagram may have cured her MS! Listen to her story

If you like the podcast, please leave a review! I’d love to give YOU a shout-out on my next show!…/this-rockin-life-…/id1183092848



I’m Building a Wall – a decorative cement wall in our new healthy home. Construction project manager Yuli Alvarez describes the process of forming the cement wall with a wood frame that leave a rustic imprint.


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