Shemane’s Newsletter Update –September 17, 2021

Weekly Update

The funny thing is, I’ll get some hate for posting this photo. It’s inevitable. I may even get banned on the last 2 social media platforms I have left. But whenever there’s a power outage for a long period of time or Y2K fears (who remembers that?), suddenly friends call asking if they could come & stay with us because we are self-sufficient.

They know we won’t starve. But it’s not easy to get your dinner with a sharp stick. It takes strict marksmanship and grace. We would all be healthier if we took the time and effort to procure our dinner this way. More people are returning to this traditional way of life. Grass-fed venison is in high demand.

It’s lean and healthy. We donate TONS of venison to the homeless, soup kitchens, veterans, churches, family and friends.
So, hate away. I’m a proud hunter. I’ll survive.


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