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Help me help shelter fur babies!


this 9/11 Tribute turned out to be a tear-jerker

This is a Facebook Live video I did on September 11 and started out as a tribute to honor the fallen but turned out to be so much more! One of the viewers was Nancy Chrzanowski, whose son John was was brought into Brooke Army Medical Center with burns all over his body the night before my husband and I visited. As I stood outside John’s room I wondered what to say to Nancy, and….well, watch the video and you’ll see what I said, and what I built as a result.




I’m not gonna lie. Juicing is is kind of a pain. You have to get tons of fresh, organic vegetables, wash, peel, cut, and prep them. And then there’s the cleanup. 😩Juicing makes a terrible mess, but fortunately we can give the pulp & scraps to the local wildlife 🦌. But the health benefits are enormous and well worth the effort! 💯Getting all those vitamins and minerals into my body is awesome, cuz I don’t always eat clean, I’ll be honest. My favorite veggies & fruits to juice are carrots, kale, celery, beets, spinach, ginger, and apples picked right from our trees! #juicing #healthyfood #healthyliving #juice


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Sometimes I hate going to the gym. Yep. I said that. And I can come up with so many excuses about why I shouldn’t go to the gym: deadlines, laundry, writing, banking, dishes, errands, phone calls, walking the dogs, bathing the dogs….I could go on and on. You know what I mean? Once I get to the gym, however, I LOVE IT. I know that it’s better than NOT going, even if I’m only on the treadmill for a mile, even if I only lift weights for 15 minutes, even if I only put in 50% effort — it’s better than no effort at all!

Recently, I saw a video by a popular fitness Vlogger who said basically, don’t worry about others looking at you when you go to the gym because they’re too busy looking at themselves, and “you’re not that special.” I was horrified. You ARE special, and I because I travel I know what it’s like to go into a gym and feel self-conscious; will people laugh at me because I can’t lift heavy weights, am I doing the exercises properly, darn, I should have worn a different outfit, etc…. Don’t let any of those or other self-conscious thoughts prevent you from going to the gym for a workout. One thing I love about Crunch gym (yes! I’ll be back teaching Zumba classes soon – Waco!) Is that they say hello to everyone who walks in the door! Everyone is welcome and everyone IS SPECIAL!

Ask for help if you need it. Invest in a private lesson to get started. Attend a Group X class. You’ll find that most gyms are more than happy to give you pointers.

So, let’s all hit the gym today, ok?

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It’s Tuesday! Time for a new podcast! I’m sharing my BEST weight loss tips! Check out This Rockin Life on iTunes! Link in profile! #podcast #podcasthost #weightloss #weightlosstips




Learn about the Enneagram basics with Clare Loughrige Enneagram Motions of the Soul: Clare and Scott Loughrige




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