Shemane’s Newsletter Update – October 29, 2019

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I’d LOVE to have your support for a dancing charity event I’m in to raise $ for shelter dogs & cats! The benefit takes place November 9 but 50% of the votes are up to YOU! Currently I’m in second place, so I need your help!  You can vote HERE:










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#31 - Human Trafficking & Enneagram Training








help me help raise $ for shelter dogs & cats!


Health, a hip replacement & helping shelter dogs! Check out my interview with TV show host Bart Hawley of JTV
and find out how you can help support shelter dogs & cats!




Happy Friday y’all! Hope your day is filled with flowers and sunshine. 🌸


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Let’s redefine aging. It doesn’t just mean we have wrinkles and dark spots and saggy skin. It also means we’re more empowered to live life on our terms. We can spend more time doing what we love to do. We can actually be a bit selfish! Why not stay home one day in your jammies, no make-up and watch something on Netflix (because I am today!) Take up a new hobby, do yoga, an online cooking class, or take a walk outside without any headphones on. Just listen to nature. Let it soak in. Take time for self-care. The true beauty of a woman is reflected from the inside out. #healthyaging #aginggracefully #women #empowerment #womensupportingwomen #fitnessover50 #yoga


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Has there ever been something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? What’s holding you back? Check out this video to hear about when I fell — literally wiped out! But I got back up!


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