Shemane’s Newsletter Update – October 21, 2019

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I’d LOVE to have your support for a dancing charity event I’m in to raise $ for shelter dogs & cats! The benefit takes place November 9 but 50% of the votes are up to YOU! Currently I’m in second place, so I need your help!  You can vote HERE:












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How to Overcome Sadness…..and, I need your help! Vote to help me raise $ for shelter dogs & cats


More please!



I live in 2 completely different worlds. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it is what it is. I might be in a head-to-toe Mossy Oak camouflage outfit with a Matthews bow in my hand and be perfectly comfortable. (Need to make some camo outfits that are more fashionable though!). I have sweatpants that are 10 years old (maybe a bit ripped & frayed) that I wear when I snuggle with my dogs on the couch watching Outlander or Handmaid’s Tale. (what’s next? Need some suggestions!) It makes me appreciate the times when I can get dressed up, put on some high heels and a nice (DVF) dress. (don’t you love the colors in this one?). I am comfortable in both worlds and grateful for each.
Dress by DVF. Shoes by White House Black Market. Chanel watch & cuff.
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Loving this process of creating: making changes, modifications, finding what works, and what doesn’t. Because that’s what we have to do in life, right? So grateful to the Humane Society of Naples for asking me to participate in Dancing with the Local Stars charity event to raise money for shelter dogs and cats. 🙏🏻 I’ve always wanted to learn more about ballroom dance, and this was a great opportunity! Anyone interested in attending the November 9 event, get your tickets now! I’m not just saying that. They are going super fast! In fact there are only a dozen left! If you’d like to support this endeavor and help raise money for fur babies, please text Dancing2019 to the number 52182. Like the real show, 50% of the overall vote is up to you, right here and now! Currently, I am in second place! It would be awesome to win, but I’m having a blast and raising money for a great charity. In my book, that’s winning! If it’s something you feel called to do, throw a vote or two my way. ❤️
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We’ve all been there. In fact more than 16 million Americans deal with clinical depression every year. Whether it’s something big, like the loss of a loved one, postpartum depression, or moderate anxiety, check out these simple strategies for a happier, healthier life.



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