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When I was working at a radio station in Detroit as the traffic reporter, (WLLZ – for inquiring minds), a coworker seemed to snarl at me whenever we crossed paths. I’d smile anyway, and say HI! But she’d walk by, grumbling. One day, I finally asked her if I’d done anything to upset her. “I just have a problem with people who walk around smiling for no reason,” she said. Well, I have good reason to smile. I’m truly grateful for my blessings. What I want most out of life is peace of mind, health, and happiness. So, when I have those three things, why wouldn’t I smile? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all walked around smiling and content? #happiness#4minutes2happy #happy




Caught up on Handmaid’s Tale while eating dinner. What’s next? Need suggestions….What?? You say chips, guacamole, salsa & wine (not a huge margarita fan) isn’t a complete meal? You’re not from Texas, are you?


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An archery term for missing the mark or bullseye is called SIN. We all miss the mark in our daily lives, don’t we? None of us are perfect and so every day we try again and again to get it right — to hit the mark.
There are some days that I feel like I’m close.
First, I FEEL good, healthy, happy, and energized.
Second, something that I do works; it flows, feels effortless, and most importantly makes a difference in someone else’s life.
Third, I get down on my knees and thank God for forgiving me of my sins and for the opportunity to do better.
Then, there are days that everything is off. I completely miss the mark. In fact, I’m not even close. But thank goodness I can try again.
Practice doesn’t make perfect, as the saying goes….it makes us BETTER. And that’s the “look” I’m going for — to be better, not perfect.


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Can Your Water Make You Sick?

#1 National Bestselling Author and Syndicated Radio/TV Health Expert Dr. David Friedman talks about how his water made him deathly ill, Crohn’s disease, and the gut-brain connection


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