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Toxic Mold

Do you know the Enneagram? It’s not just a personality typing system, it is a pathway to finding your purpose and to becoming the very best version of YOU, possible. I’m not perfect. Far from it, girlfriend, but I want to be better, stronger, faster, (insert 6 million dollar man theme song), wiser…and happier. But to do that, I had to take an honest look at myself and my behavior.

ugh. Yes, we’re doing this. C’mon!

Why do certain people push our buttons, while others make us feel loved, appreciated and, well…like sunshine? Once I discovered the enneagram, my quest for understanding why each one of us acts differently in the same situation made sense. It’s like the lightbulb went from 0 – 10. (Does that mean I’m woke?!)

I’m owning up to the cold, hard fact that I am WAY too emotional, sista. Waaaay too emotional. I’m caught up in how people and situations make me feel in my heart, rather than deconstructing circumstances for what they really are in my head. For example; It’s raining outside, so I’m melancholy —thinking about people and places that I love or loved and then I get sad in my heart and soul. I play ballads and depressing music to further exacerbate my sensitivity when others would just think…it’s freaking raining! Grab an umbrella.

There are 9 different personality types in the enneagram but 3 core emotions; the body, the heart, and the head. Do you physically feel emotional pain? Do you respond to something instinctively? Do you look at situations with a sound, reasoning mind?

Check out more about the enneagram if you, too, want more happiness, bliss and contentment. #enneagram #motivation #life






Looking back at all the experiences I’ve had, both positive & negative, I realize it’s the bad things that have happened to me, the things that have brought me to my knees, that have shaped me the most. (Bear with me here, I’ll get to the wine). Those crappy times have helped me determine what I want and don’t want in my life, the types of people I want to be surrounded by, and how I want to feel. Or DON’T want to feel. Bottom line is, the older I get, the wiser I am about…well I’ll go ahead and say it…being selfish & living the life that truly resonates with my soul. Because why would you want to live a life that looks good on the outside but makes you unhappy? Does that mean that I ONLY do what I want and hang with people who ONLY make me feel like sunshine? Um, no. That’s just not possible. But I am learning to look at tribulations, difficult people and setbacks as opportunities to obtain information.
Hence the wine…it makes those trying times so much more tolerable. ☺️🍷#winetime


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I hope no one walks in the door. 😳


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WMG (on behalf of David Guetta JV Seven); Shapiro Bernstein, SODRAC, Sony ATV Publishing, ASCAP, LatinAutor, CMRRA, SOLAR Music Rights Management, and 7 Music Rights Societies She Knows How To Love Me (feat. Jess Glynne & Stefflon Don) I LOVE teaching Zumba & I LOVE great choreography that’s easy to teach! This choreography is from Ihovanis Zin Zumba here on youtube. I’m breaking down the moves for you – and for my students because I LOVE teaching this song.


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