Shemane’s Newsletter Update – June 10, 2019

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Had such a great time hanging with Erin Brockovich and hearing about how she & so many other women are stepping up, empowering each other and cleaning up the water in communities in the US & all over the world. Check out & please consider making a donation so she can continue to do her good work. #makeamericahealthyagain#erinbrokovich #cleanwater

Everything’s better with lemon. Ok, not everything. But a lot. 🍋

Squeeze a quarter of a lemon into hot water and drink first thing in the morning. Use the rest in small slices in your water bottle throughout the day. Whatever is left over in the rind, ground it in your garbage disposal for a clean and fresh scent. You can use lemon as an astringent on your face, too! AND it also helps with sun spots! #lemonwater #healthyliving




Don’t get your Twizzlers all twisted. Here’s the scoop: I did a bunch of bicep curls and then took a photo with a medium heavy weight. Otherwise I don’t normally look like I have biceps this big. Plus, it’s all about the lighting 🤣 #fitnessmotivation #fitnessover50

❤️ this Tory Burch embroidered dress & Manolo Blahnik sandals! #fashion #manoloblahnik#outfits #summerfashion#fashioninspo #fashionover50#toryburch


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Ian Cron, best-selling author of The Road Back to You, describes the basics of the Enneagram, a life-changing personality typing system that is used by the CIA, Fortune 500 companies and millions of people who seek to learn the truth about themselves and others.



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