Shemane’s Newsletter Update – July 22, 2020

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On this episode, Shemane gets to know Alex Clark, host of Turning Point USA’s “POPlitics”; Mark “Oz” Geist and his beautiful service dog, and join Shemane for a bow hunting trip!

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It’s one of those days when people ask “what would you like to do” and really mean it. It’s all about you. It’s your day. You can eat cake for breakfast and no one would question it. Today is that day for me! It’s my birthday! So what do I want, or want to do? Before I tell you what I want, I’ll tell you what I know. Now that I’ve grown older, wiser, and grayer, I know that the little things don’t matter as much to me as they used to. I have more wrinkles and, let’s just say ‘proof’ that I am nearly 6 decades old, and I’m ok with that. My aging signs are an indication that I’ve tried - many, many times - and failed many, many times. That I’ve been through tribulations. That I’ve loved and lost - who hasn’t? That I’ve learned a few life lessons - one, for sure is that people sometimes let you down but the only one you can depend on is YOU. The older I get, the less I care to hide my feelings and the more I want to be genuine, wrinkles and all. Someone commented that in a video I just did, my hands look like they’re 100 years old. That’s because I work out nearly every day, and I’m fairly thin, I guess. I suppose I could gain weight & the veins in my hands would disappear - or be camouflaged. But then I’d have other problems. With age comes wisdom, even the slightest. I’ll take it, thank you. I don’t want to be 20 again and as naive as I was. My priorities have changed. I miss my family and friends. Hugs and non-social distancing. All I want is to be healthy and surrounded by people who set my soul on fire. That’s rare and, unfortunately, not always prevalent. My son @roccomoon is in California and my family is spread out across the US, and I don’t know when we will all be together again. So, my birthday wish is quite simple; for all good men and women to find peace in their hearts and souls… appreciate their lives and to never take one another for granted… stop the hate and division….to take their health seriously… to find the thing that makes their heart sing and do it more often. And while I’m at it…..I’d like you to do 58 jumping jacks in honor of my birthday. Then eat chocolate cake. 🥰🎂🙏🏻🙌🏻🎉✨

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