Shemane’s Newsletter Update – December 2, 2019

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I’m not holding back anymore! I’m going to live, love, laugh and dance life out to the absolute fullest every day! I will smile at complete strangers and say hello. I will laugh loudly. I’ll play all-out with my dogs, and I will probably make mistakes, have my heart broken and endure trials I’d rather not. But I’ve learned that those tribulations have helped me to realize that God isn’t finished with me yet. I have a lot to learn and more growing to do. Difficult times can knock us down, but we can always brush off the dust and get back up on our feet again. #liveyourbestlife #livelovelaugh #danceislife #happiness #positivevibes



Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Wishing you the most peaceful, restful, happy, healthy day with family and friends who make you feel like sunshine! 🌞 Thank you to all our hero warriors, first responders, law enforcement, and our military. We are so grateful for the work you do and for keeping us safe! God bless you all! #Thanksgiving #Grateful #America1 #ProudAmerican







God showed me that rather than blaming others for my problems, I needed to take control of my own life and take back my power. I started making decisions that initially made me feel guilty like going to the gym instead of taking care of laundry and dishes. God showed me that taking care of my body and protecting my mind from negativity and bullying is being responsible for my own happiness and isn’t just a luxury that Hollywood celebrities experience. It’s a necessity for us to live in peace. To have health is a gift and one I never take for granted. It brings tears to my eyes to know that after a life threatening illness I can still walk and dance and breathe. The breakdown of my body lead to building up my spirit. God showed me that if I wanted to be healthy from the inside out, I needed to work on ME. It has taken decades to earn a PhD from Stop Walking All Over Me school. I’m not there yet but I’m pretty close to graduation.
How about you? Do you often feel unappreciated and unseen? Get to the gym. Work out. Set boundaries with difficult people. Take care of your mind and body…because no one else will. #positivevibes #godisgood #motivation #mindset #healthylifestyle #goingbeyond #christianwoman #jesusisking


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The shape of things to come. I love the arched entry to our house. Thank you Paul Samartino @martinisamartinodesigngroup for adding a modern touch to this rustic ranch home. #building #homedesign #architecture #building #homebuilding



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Coco #germanshepherd #gsdofinstagram #gsd #dogmom #dogsofinstagram #gsdlove



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