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1990’s fashion. What? Too much zebra? 🤔😳🤣





For serval hours yesterday, I ran errands, interacted with people, went to the grocery & the gym thinking it was such a great day. People are so nice! Eventually I looked in the mirror & realized I had a brown spot on the tip of my nose from a mocha cappuccino hours earlier! I smiled wondering what people thought of me as I went about my day, oblivious to the faux pas. I told my friend @christimoonrein what a dummy I was, and she said, that’s nothing! “I just did a video with my shirt on backwards!” Sometimes we are our own worst critics and we just need to lighten up & move forward. Everyone makes mistakes. None of us is perfect. Life is short. And precious. So…Have fun! Infuse a bit of comedy in your mistakes, and you might be surprised at how many people will appreciate it.
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So blessed to have this guy in my life. So proud to be his mom. #son #momblogger #grateful #faith


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