Shemane’s Newsletter Update – April 8, 2020

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Registration for The Empowered Woman program is closing April 8! I've prayed about how I can be of service and help women become stronger mentally and physically. I used to be the quiet, meek little girl in the corner waiting to have her voice heard. I rolled out the red carpet for people to walk all over me, belittle me and betray me, then I wondered why they'd want to say or do something that hurt me....Because I let them! I struggled with my weight for twenty years, riding the roller coaster of dieting and weight gain up and down, over and over. I got sick and almost died from toxic mold exposure. Slowly, things changed...I changed! I did a lot of soul searching, researching, trial & errors. I got a master's degree in metaphysics, attended personal development workshops (including one by Tony Robbins!). As a fitness instructor since 1980, I KNEW how to lose weight & get in shape, but it was more about than hitting the gym and climbing the stair master to nowhere. Diet plays a big role, my friends! But I really really didn't want to give up M & M's or Fritos (ya know?!) Then, I figured out how to lose weight and get in shape without giving up my favorite foods! I went to therapy. Started studying the Bible nearly every day. I prayed a lot. A LOT! It took me a while to learn to be healthier, happier, and have a closer relationship with God. I put all my secrets -- including how to recover from toxic mold exposure (which you probably have personally, or know someone who has) into the Empowered Woman program! There are hours of video coaching, a guided workbook, prayers, workouts, meditation and even lots of bonuses from friends like: *Pastor and Enneagram Instructor Claire Loughridge *Pastor, TV Host and best-selling author Beth Jones *Motivation (and singing!!) by Dr. Tyhra Lindsey-Warren *Makeup tips to help you feel more confident from expert makeup artist Tori Beeman *Enneagram instruction by Suzanne Dion *ebook by author & publisher April O'Leary & so much more! Friends, I don't want anyone to be where I was: unhealthy, unhappy and unempowered. Now's the perfect time for you to become an Empowered Woman! #empoweringwomen

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