Shemane’s Newsletter Update – April 22, 2020

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Throughout the day I flip flop from being ecstatic and energized to melancholy and moping. Part of me is grateful for this Great Awakening we are undoubtedly experiencing. So many people are coming together - virtually of course - through intense prayer for themselves, their families and for the world. This pandemic may have shut down businesses, sporting events, graduations, weddings, concerts and the simple holiday gatherings we took for granted, but it is bringing us all closer to God, which is amazing. On the other hand, the information I’ve discovered recently has opened my eyes to a whole new world - one that is so dark and evil I can’t get the images out of my mind as I lay my head on my fluffy, yet perfectly positioned My Pillow. If I can get to sleep, I wake up in the middle of the night and pray harder than I ever have. What brings me peace though, is knowing that this is all happening according to God’s plan. No timetable man designs can overrule His. Peacemakers aren’t politicians or world leaders who make laws about keeping us safe. A Peacemaker can be anyone called by God to help overcome the darkness during these tragic times. We WILL get through this. My prayers go out to all who read this. May you be filled with God’s love, light and peace, so that YOU can bring healing to those who are in pain and suffering. When you flip flop from hope to hopelessness, take a deep breath. Stay in the light. Focus on the positive - however small. You are a peacemaker. #godwins #pray #greatawakening #peacemaker #hope #wwg1wga #kag #trump #christian

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