ReAwaken Your Mind, Body & Spirit
& Restore Your Legacy 

Are you struggling to find peace of mind, better health and happiness?


The past year has been difficult for everyone. We’ve all had new adjustments to make to stay safe. Depression and anxiety has increased. Many are worried sick about the future. What can you do?

You can focus on the things you can control:
your health, mindset and establishing a greater connection with God.

ReAwaken Your Life & Legacy

is more than just a group. We’re a team and a family that will cheer you on and keep you motivated while you reach and conquer your goals. You can be a part of a movement that changes your mood, your life, and inspires you to live the life of your dreams!

Course Details


A faith-based program with discussions on exercise, nutrition, and mindset.


Women who want to learn how to prioritize their health, happiness, and have a closer relationship with God.


On your own time, day or night. This course is available 24 / 7


Four in-depth 90 minute recordings and accompanying materials, all for a one-time fee of $149   $49  (and receive discounts on future programs)

What You’ll Learn:


Tap into the written word. Understand God's plan for you and your life.


Learn the most effective exercises and get motivated to reach your goals.


Discover your true calling.


Learn how to deal with stress and anxiety.


Get accountability with a group of like-minded women.


Discover which diet is right for you!

ReAwaken woman writing

Side Effects:


Get Happy


Lose Weight


Relieve Stress


Smile More!


Gain Confidence


ReAwaken your Mind, Body & Spirit!

Your Hosts

Shemane Nugent

Shemane Nugent

Shemane Nugent is a Health and Wellness Lifestyle Expert who has been a group fitness instructor for 40 years. She is a podcast host and best-selling author.

Niccie Kliegl

Niccie Kliegl

Niccie Kliegl is an author, life & business coach, and speaker who elevates others to get more out of life and work because they partner with God, know their divine purpose, and how to fulfill their legacy!

ReAwaken Your Life

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