Rock Your Video Training Part 2


Video is not only the future, video is now! The average American reads only 20 minutes a day but watches more than 70 minutes of video online. We are quickly approaching the point where we will get all of our information from video, rather than through reading. Which is kind of sad, but actually more efficient.



In this training you’ll get:

  • more than 2 hours of training videos
  • worksheets to help you hone your message
  • tips to look your best
  • how to create a home studio for FREE!
  • professional equipment to upgrade your studio that doesn’t cost a lot
  • learn how to edit your videos
  • best lighting tips
  • recommended software to use
  • learn what to do if you make a mistake LIVE!
  • professional critique of your video

You have a voice. Don’t be afraid to use it!


Shemane has appeared on:

FoxMTVC-SPANVh1DiscoveryCMTOutdoor ChannelEntertainment Tonight


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