5 Tricks to Get Fit Fast in 5 Days



During the Fast 5 program you’ll get:

  • *access to a private Facebook group
  • *5 days of online coaching from a world renown fitness professional
  • *secrets fitness pros use to lose weight fast
  • *workbook to help you set goals and stick to them
  • *healthy recipes
  • *most effective exercises
  • *how to shop for healthy food
  • *stress reducing techniques for the holidays





  • Day 1: Mindset Makeover. On the first day, we’ll discuss how to prep your home/car/office to eliminate junk food, and modify your schedule to make time for exercise.


  • Day 2: Most Effective Exercises. There are thousands of different exercises but do they work?  We’ll discuss the most effective exercises for you!


  • Day 3: Meditation Techniques. Free your mind of unwanted and negative thought patterns that ultimately block you from weight loss and living your best life.


  • Day 4: Holiday Strategy. The Average American gains 2-4 pounds during the holidays, but there’s a strategy to help you avoid being a statistic!


  • Day 5: Workout! Grab your workout gear because on Day 5 we’ll do a quick workout together!



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