4 Minute Workout


Who has time for an hour at the gym every day? Not me? How about 4 minutes?

Let me guess, you got pregnant, had a beautiful baby and years later you still haven’t lost that extra baby weight…You wonder where all that energy went that you used to have… you just want to have fun hanging out with your friends, and you think you’ll never, ever, ever be confident wearing a bikini. Ever.

You just want to have your cake and eat it too. Am I right?



In college, I carried around an extra thirty-five pounds. I tried every diet imaginable, from the cookie diet to the grapefruit diet, to starving myself, and even putting plastic wrap around my body, running 3 miles, then sitting in a sauna.

And those were all in the same week.

Nothing worked.

It was depressing and I was disgusted with myself.

And then…..

I started teaching group fitness classes and the weight starting dropping….fast! Exercise, I realized, is the key! I was on the Michigan Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness, Health and Sports because childhood obesity is at epidemic levels in the United States. I was even named Detroit’s Most Physical Female and had my own cable aerobics show – back in the Jane Fonda/leg warmer days.

Over the past 37 years, I’ve shared my passion for healthy living with more than 100,000 people all over the world! I’ve taught many different types of classes including step, Spinning, kickboxing, slide, high/low impact, Zumba… And I loved every minute! I even worked as a program developer, choreographer and International Fitness Presenter for Zumba!

But then I stopped teaching regular, weekly classes because of other obligations.

I felt guilty going to the gym. I had errands to run and things to do. And honestly…I was bored. I’d get on the treadmill for five minutes and then get off and try something else.

Have you ever walked into a fitness center and been overwhelmed by all the equipment….or felt that the gym was the new pick-up place? I don’t want anyone looking at my backside while I’m on the elliptical! You know?

And it’s time-consuming driving to the gym.

But I just couldn’t get motivated to workout on my own at home.

If you’ve ever struggled with guilt over spending time at the gym, or wondered how you can get the most effective workout in the least amount of time, I created a perfect program for you….and me!

For a limited time, I will teach you my tried and proven techniques to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life and keep it off in only 4 minutes a day!

Register Here NOW to be a part of this LIMITED offer! You’ll never see this offer at this price again!

Here’s what you’ll get:

* 5 daily doses of workouts LIVE with me!

* LIVE Coaching, Q & A and instruction on how to ROCK your workouts to lose weight, gain confidence, and look and feel great in just 1 week!

*4 minute exercises include: cardiovascular, strength training, and stretching

* You’ll be a part of an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where I’ll answer your questions and help guide you to live your BEST life ever!


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