016: 6-Step Healthy Happy Life Hack

 This episode of This Rockin’ Life is brought to you by Sacred Inner Circle.  Transform your whole life, and create the freedom to live your life with purpose and abundance with Sacred Inner Circle! Today, I’ll be sharing six steps to help you get life hacked....

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015: Sacred Inner Circle

 Thanks for being here today! Stick around to the end of this episode to hear me answer questions from my Facebook page. [01:13] - My life’s work has finally come to fruition. [02:00] - Listen to my life-story around weight loss and exercise. [04:44] - I share how I...

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014: Mindset Takeover

 Thanks for being here!  I have a HUGE announcement at the end of today's show! You’ll Learn: [01:28] - My new/old adventure: cycling![02:15] - Cycle stats are displayed for everyone to see and mine weren't what I expected. [04:13] - Something shifted in me. [07:44]...

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013: From Rock Bottom to Millionaire with Steven Livoti

This Episode: On this episode, I am joined by Steven Livoti.  Steven describes himself as someone with a big heart who appreciates the relationships he’s built. In this conversation, you will hear Steven share his experiences from the low points in his life to his...

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012: Life in the Eye of the Camera with Rocco Nugent

How cool is it when you get to learn from your kids?  That requires parents to take a back seat.  It can be humbling and enlightening to experience the world through the lens of a younger generation.  In this episode, you will hear an interview with my son, Rocco. ...

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007: Dealing with the Pain of Miscarriage

Sometimes life gets in the way.  To illustrate this, I share a story from my past.  I share a painful life experience that I went through and continue to go through. While watching a YouTube video, I had feelings and pain surface over the loss I experienced through a...

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