26. Enneagram Heart Types 2, 3 & 4 with Clare Loughrige part 3


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Today’s show is part three of a multipart deep dive into the power of the mind with guest Clare Loughrige, a certified enneagram instructor, pastor, and author. They discuss what Shemane calls the best personal development tool she has ever found — the enneagram!

In this episode we discuss the 3 centers of intelligence that need to work in harmony, why you sometimes know right away that you don’t want to be someone’s friend, that we all have body instincts we just need to utilize them and our bodies can feed off of what we pick up on other people.

If you haven’t listened to the first episode from a couple of weeks ago go back and start there, Clare is giving us so much wonderful information and insight that you won’t want to miss any of it and each episode builds on the first.

Don’t miss the next few weeks with Shemane and Clare as they go deep into the mind and teach us the tools we need to be smarter about what our bodies are saying to us.

[00:30] Shemane describes how the enneagram has changed her life to find your enneagram number go to www.wepss.com.

[02:25] Shout out to one of the shows five star listeners! Brook Craven.

[03:52] We now continue our enneagram discussion where we left off on the third triad the heart type.

[06:45] Clare gives us a short recap on the gut triad 8, 9 and 1 and explains the difference between the gut triad and the heart triad.

[07:17] Shemane explains how she found out she was a 2 and how true the results were in her life.

[09:13] Do you know when to say yes to helping someone? Do you know when to say no?

[09:52] Clare tells us she has 3 centers of intelligence, IQ her cognitive reality, EQ her ability to connect emotionally with people, GQ her gut intelligence which have to work in harmony.

[13:45] Have you ever walked into a room and met someone that you knew you didn’t want to be friends with? This could be an implicit memory or an explicit memory.

[17:05] Clare discusses how we all have body instincts but a lot of time we are not aware of them, our bodies react to what we are picking up from others and we should listen.

[19:21] Clare asks people when she is giving the spiritual direction ”where are you holding your pain?” It’s an important question because it could be why they are feeling unexplained pain in parts of their body.

[23:30] You have to temper your responses to people depending on how you feel they will respond, knowing your communication style helps a lot.

[26:52] Don’t be messy with everyone only a few can people can take your vulnerability.

[27:15] Shemane asks you to join us next week for another great episode.







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