Today my husband and I celebrate our 30th anniversary!  When 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce, 3 decades is an amazing accomplishment! 10,950 days ago we were head-over-heels in love. Still are. But staying through the tough times is hard damn work.

If you want to know how we did/do it, here are just some of the highlights:

  • *Forgive even when you’re really pissed. Forgive when it’s easy. Forgive.
  • *Apologize even when you probably shouldn’t or don’t want to.
  • *Don’t be quick to criticize. You leave the cap off the toothpaste at times, too.
  • *Compliment the good stuff as often as possible.
  • *Have fun! Be silly.
  • *Leave love notes & send texts just because.
  • *Tell your spouse you love them every day.
  • *Spend time apart. Often. It gives you an opportunity to miss each other.
  • *Argue fair and when you can’t, wait for the right time to voice your opinion.
  • *Clean up your messes (I hope my husband reads this)
  • *Say thank you A LOT
  • *Do something you know your spouse likes even when you don’t.
  • *Pray a lot
  • *Compromise as often as you can
  • *Go to bed angry. Pray, and wake up with a new perspective.
  • *Be nice even when you’re frustrated

I wish I could say I have the perfect husband, I am the perfect wife, and marriage is easy. I don’t. I’m not. It isn’t. But it’s made me a better and stronger person by enduring the tough stuff. Knowing someone always has my back, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health is a darn good feeling. And you know, that is almost perfect.





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