One foot in front of the other

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Today I am putting 1 foot in front of the other to be more mindful of:

🔹Scheduling My Time.
Who else takes on too much? I’m going to say no to more activities that aren’t really what I want to do or that are not in my best interest.

🔹Be Unapologetic About Health.
That means planning my week of workouts and making them a priority without feeling guilty, & saying no to birthday cake just to make someone else feel better (although if I want it, I will have a couple bites!)

🔹Stop Feeling Guilty About being an Entrepreneur.
I love helping people become healthier and happier. When I become more successful I can hire more people and create more jobs.

🔹Make an Appointment With Me!
Schedule something I haven’t done in a while like go to a museum, or read an entire book!

🔹Make Self-Care A Priority.
Take the time to give myself a facial or go get one. Organize my closet. Or read a book.

🔹SNAP – In last week’s Facebook Live show I learned the SNAP technique from Ian Cron. As my mind starts racing about the past I’ll Stop. Notice. become Aware, then Pivot. (FB/Shemane.Nugent)

What about you? How are you putting one foot in front of the other?




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