It took me over two years and many tears to complete a documentary about losing my home and my health to toxic mold. Last weekend my short film Killer House premiered at a film festival. People drove hours through blizzard conditions to watch the movie and participate in a question and answer session after the show.

You may think you haven’t been exposed to deadly, toxic mold but you have. Tiny, microscopic spores lurk like dastardly devils in the air we breathe and in the food we eat. An infinitesimal amount of evil foot soldiers in the form of metabolites with the sole purpose of causing death and destruction surround us every day and everywhere. But there is hope.

Knowledge is power and by watching my Killer House documentary you will have access to dynamic, defensive wisdom that will protect you and those you love. You will know the truth about toxic mold. This information could save your home, your health, and even your life.

Watch the full documentary
In a few weeks I’ll have more information available to help you recognize, remediate, and recover from toxic mold contamination and from mold illness. Be sure to click on the link to receive updates and be the first to get notified about this life-saving information.


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