Is The Air in Your Home Killing You?

The information in this book could save your home, your health, and even your life.


We often find ourselves wondering how we will get through our current trial, where our days have gone, or what happened to the hopes and dreams we once had? We wrote this book to help you…

Because of my experience, I became a pioneer, exploring uncharted territories and paving a smoother path, not just for me and my family, but thousands of others who, like me, wonder why they don’t feel well.

   Trust your instincts

➳  Be your own investigative sleuth

➳  Discover if you have a killer house

➳  Learn how to take your life back

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Recognize, remediate and recover!




Toxic mold is an invisible, slow killer. Know what signs to look for and save your life.


How to test your home for hazardous chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and toxic mold.


Having the right information, can have you feeling better soon in every part of your life.

Become your own INVESTIGATIVE SLEUTH to discover if you have a KILLER HOUSE, exposing you to toxic mold!

Thankfully, God had other plans!

By sharing my story here, you’ll be able to recognize dangerous mold, learn the proper way to remediate it, and heal your body, mind and spirit.  You won’t have to experience the same trauma, illness, or lose your home like many of us did.  You’ll read stories from others who’ve endured similar hardships.  We’ll have expert advice from doctors, lawyers and remediators to help you recognize, remediate and recover.

Meet The Author


In 2002 I could barely walk up a flight of stairs. I went from being Detroit’s Most Physical Female to an invalid. What I didn’t know was that four different types of mold were in my bloodstream and I was diagnosed with pre-emphysema. I spent years healing and detoxifying myself and my family.

Alternative remedies, or now called functional medicine like acupuncture, vitamin IVs, oxygen, massage, dietary changes, and eliminating toxins in my home like air fresheners, fabric softeners, and scented candles, were crucial elements in my recovery.

SOME PEOPLE THOUGHT I WAS PARANOID; a hypochondriac delusional. Doctors and associates told me that the ailments were all in my mind. Then my husband, rocker Ted Nugent, and our son Rocco began displaying similar symptoms. Since Ted was often on tour and Rocco was at school during the day, they weren’t as affected as I was, as a stay-at-home mom. Several times, I was rushed to the



What Others Are Saying

David Perlmutter MD

Board-certified Neurologist, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Killer House finally lays bare not only the pervasive nature of mold-related illnesses but more importantly, their origins.  The health threats posed by mold exposure are underrecognized, tenacious, and challenging for patients and healthcare providers alike Shemane’s personal journey provides deep insight into the challenges and confusion faced by anyone confronted by toxic mold.  And her words will clearly empower many.

Ted Nugent

Award-winning muscian, and host of Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild

Americans have been blindsided by an inept and dishones construction industry that has created dangerous, unsafe housing, and the resultant runaway mod infestation has caused a pandemic of life-threatening health conditions.  Shemane’s book Killer House may very well be the life saving educational light in this terrible darkness.

Shelley Federico

National Military Liaison, Environmental Brain Health Clinics of America

The science of mold medicine and remediation is changing rapidly.  Shemane Nugent’s commitment to helping others to be aware of mold and its devastating impact on the lives of others is unwavering through the years.  She illuminates a topic that many may not realize is even at work in their own lives.




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