Just keep going!



Made it to the top of Camelback Mountain! What an amazing adventure! There were times when I didn’t think I could take another step, and then I did. My legs were quivering, my feet hurt, but I kept on moving forward. The payoff was spectacular! I just had to take this crazy photo, but now I think that wasn’t a smart thing to do. One little slip and I would’ve fallen down the mountain. Stupid. Stupid. But I was on a Rocky Mountain high! Proud of this accomplishment. Something that I will remember forever. 

What if we look at all of our obstacles this way? Sometimes the going gets tough. We have a hard time moving forward and taking the next step. But once we reach our goals we can have spectacular payoffs too! 

Put a smile on your face and put one foot in front of the other. 


  1. joseph hebert jr

    That’s an excellent attitude! I believe I’ll do just that!

  2. Traci Cooper

    Wow, what a view too,great job and congratulations on making it to the top, how long did it take and how far to the top was it?

    • Shemane Nugent

      Thank you Traci!! It took a little more than an hour. Very intense. Very beautiful!

  3. Jane Fritz

    Hi Shemane , I am ill from mold exposure in Roseville, Mi, I moved here from Ann Arbor in 2009. Bought my first home that I could afford (I am 57 now) A cute little condo 540 sq ft and I had it fully inspected. I replaced almost everything new (condo was 18 years old) and decorated it to be my dream home. At 45 I became a health and fitness buff, I went from a size 22 to a 3-4. I was very happy. I was hit by a car and have been recovering slowly from a hip fracture, back problems etc. I moved into this little condo in Roseville, Mi. My boyfriend and I recovering from disability issues. My neighbor had a major pipe burst next door and I have had a mold smell filling my place since. There is a pipe from our kitchen sink that goes into the wall, and the opening around the pipe is where the mold smell is coming in. I had it tested in the wall and the count was high. My boyfriend he is 32 and I 57 have had our health go extremely down hill. I have tried for almost 2 years to get my HOA, the condo owner next door, and everyone else to do something. I am on a very limited income and cannot afford to move. So yesterday I talked to the Macomb County Disabilities Network and they referred my to the mayors office, tv stations, state rep and etc. SO HERE I GO in the next few weeks I will be ringing bells, sirens, whistles, and begin a major fight to get the neighbor’s mold smell out of my house. The owner next door moved, rented it out,and the new renters ,a couple and their dog became ill. They took him to court for rent, moved out, and he now has the gotten the green light from the city inspector that there is no mold. He is getting the place ready to sell, meanwhile we are sick. I tried to get ahold of a Dr. Harbut. He is no longer in practice, and I cannot afford these expensive mold Doctors. Or someone to further test air in my home. My home shows NO sign of mold. But we have to tape the hole up in the cupboard just to stay in my home longer. The mold is in the wall next to my heating duct which goes to my new furnace. My Home Owners Association has not even given my the incident report for the neighbors flood. I have gotten the run around from everybody, I did however start prayer request online with 20 churches in my area. I feel to ill to fight all of this. I get headaches, body aches, and I found your story of mold on the interenet. Bless you, glad you kept going. Thanks for listening Jane Fritz 734-358-9682.

    • Shemane Nugent

      I’m so sorry to hear about your battle. Try contacting an attorney who specializes in mold. We used one based in Warren. In the meantime, sounds like you need to get out of the condo asap!! You will end up paying more on doctor bills than you will to find a new place. Good luck & God bless. Don’t give up!!


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