The only real valuable thing is intuition.Albert Einstein

Have you ever had a gut feeling about a person or a situation? By gut feeling, I mean that inner wisdom, the power of your feelings, not logical thinking. This is a gray area of metaphysical science that has recently gained popularity among doctors and psychologists, although philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Jung, and many more have discussed it for centuries.

My friend, Deirdre Capone (grandniece of Al Capone), said she and her great-uncle Al relied on intuition to make decisions. Al would walk into a room for a meeting, and if he had a bad feeling about it, he would leave. Most of the time, he was indeed being set up.

Unless you’ve studied philosophy or metaphysics or there is someone in your life who has encouraged you to trust your intuition, it’s unlikely you’ve had the confidence to learn from or even listen to your instincts. Some think it’s a wishy-washy approach to making a judgment call and can’t be trusted. With modern technology, we rely more on cold, hard facts and statistics than our gut feelings about something or someone. But have you ever met someone and instantly liked or disliked him or her? You can’t describe exactly why you had those impressions, but you did. That’s intuitive thinking, and it serves people well. Law enforcement, the military, boxers, and athletes use intuition to direct their actions.

Today’s challenge is an important one. Our instincts can be a very reliable source for decision making if we allow ourselves to embrace our gut feelings. We may feel pulled to do or not do something that may have saved our lives, such as taking a different route to work and finding out an accident occurred on our usual path. Or simply having second thoughts about a person that you cannot corroborate.

Can you recall a few times that your instincts served you well?  For at least four minutes today, trust everything your intuition tells you.


  1. Pete Miller

    It works for Me!

  2. Sack

    Intuition seems to be the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine process of thought and leaps directly from the issue to the answer……it is steady, calm, whispery and consistently gives the same information over and over again about a single issue.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Well said! And you’re right! Thanks for the great reply!

  3. Amanda

    Just wanted to say this was an awesome blog, I have often got good and bad intuitional feelings, and i follow them. but i so happen to get them when the situation is good and or bad for my significant other. when its good I follow it with all my heart, if i feel its going to be bad, which most of the time it is… I do not follow through with it. <3 anyway, yes, i believe in the power of intuition. Trying to keep this response short 🙂

    • Shemane Nugent

      Thank you for the kind words Amanda! I’m glad this blog resonated with you. Keep following your intuition!

  4. Chal

    Intuition or “sixth sense” is one of the most underrated response mechanisms we have as humans. I’m a firm believer to “go with your gut” before your head begins to rationalize a situation or person. The reality is we live in a world with an overwhelming amount of information but its not impossible to “see” beyond it. Great blog, Shemane!

    • Shemane Nugent

      You’re right! It’s not impossible.
      Thanks for the positive feedback!


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