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I’ve been through a lot. Much more, in fact, than I could have ever dreamed when I was playing with Barbie dolls in fourth grade at South River elementary school. I’ve been to the mountain top in the health & fitness Industry, traveling around the world as an International Fitness Presenter for Zumba. I’ve won state championship swim meets twice. I used to race motocross. Yeah, you read that right. I’ve been on Entertainment Tonight, Discovery, CMT, MTV, VH1, Fox, C-SPAN, Howard Stern and many, many more National and international TV and radio shows. I met and married a rockstar. Traveled the world. Been on safari in Africa many times. Gave birth to an amazing son. I have 6-8 step kids (it’s a long story). I went to the Whitehouse and had dinner with the president. I’ve met lots of musicians. Lots.

I got sick….real sick. I’ve made mistakes. I screwed up, and I’ve been betrayed personally & professionally.

I ’ve learned from all these experiences, big time. I do a lot of personal development work and yes, I go to therapy – what? You don’t? Chh! You’re missing out.

I knew there was a pattern that I had inherited from trying to please everyone else except myself. I knew I wanted to change that. I wanted to be a better person and live the life of my dreams. I wanted to be happier and much, much healthier. And I did, and I am!

I can’t wait to share my secrets with you! I am working with a small group of people who want to transform their lives in one week. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, text the word “circle” to 345345. I can’t wait to share my tips and tricks about how to be healthier, to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods, to deal with difficult people, to be ridiculously happy, to have your dream job, and your dream life!

I’d be honored to work with you, to coach you through the most difficult times in your life so that you can finally relax. Rest. And be happy, like God wants you to be.

My Inner Circle program is limited to 50 people. Get in now. Space fills quickly. Text the word “circle” to 345345. There’s a free gift waiting for you. 💖


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I’m Shemane, I’m an ambassador for healthy living, I am an International Fitness Presenter and have been a group exercise instructor for more than 40 years.





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