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Is anyone anxious today?! 😳 A lot is riding on this election, for sure, but I wanted to share a secret about how I deal with anxiety.  We all have difficult times in our lives…challenging times that can bring us to our knees.  Every time I start thinking that things are spiraling out of control, there are a couple things I do to keep my feelings more manageable.  Cuz, girlfriend, when our feelings highjack our lives, we can get headaches, stomach aches and – not that I’ve ever been this way but, we can even get cranky. 😖

When I’m getting those butterflies in my stomach for whatever reason, I remove myself from the situation as best I can. Then, I exercise.  Hard. Sometimes I take out my restlessness by lifting heavier weights with a little more speed and energy.  Trust me.  It works.  Just be careful not to overdo it.

One other thing I do while I’m working out is pray. 🙏🏻 I don’t have all the answers and sometimes it’s frustrating to wait on God’s timing.  But then again, I know He has something even better planned. Having a faith-filled heart is like wearing Victoria’s Secret underthings. (work with me here….). It feels like I have a secret and no one else can see it under my (oftentimes) baggy clothes.  My faith brings me joy.  It’s just for me.  And God. .

So, let’s all workout extra hard today and pray for peace in our hearts.  Who’s with me? .

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