Fear and Obstacles

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2012 Tour

2012 Tour

Many of us would like to change certain things in our lives, but when it comes to making tough decisions, we freeze and run the other way.  Why? When we should be our own best friends and cheerleaders we often sabotage our confidence with obstacles like negative self-talk. How can we rise above our fears and obstacles to live a life we’ve always dreamed?

We all march to the beat of our own internal drummer, which is what makes each one of us unique.  With outside influences from the media to the people around us, it can be difficult to trust the God-spirit within us to be authentically ourselves. We are constantly interacting with people who either approve or disapprove of who and what we are.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist who could see the possibilities when he was a young boy growing up in the inner city.  All odds were stacked against him.  Kids like Neil were pushed into athletics, not academics, but he persevered.

Obstacles are energy vampires (read my blog https://shemanenugent.rocks/energy-vampires/), or people who negatively impact us on even a small level.  But we can be our own energy vampire too.  Eventually the negative self-talk we use can become thoughts we believe.

When my husband asked me to dance on stage at one of his rock ’n roll concerts I never second-guessed myself.  Twenty years prior, however, I might have.  My insecurities of not being good enough or looking the part would have been overwhelming.  For some reason, however, Ted waited until I was 48 years old to ask me to dance on stage. The way I saw it was that time was running out for me.  It sure wasn’t going to happen when I was 58 years of age. I had been teaching dance/fitness classes for 30 years.  So, I pushed through my fears and I did it!

If we focus on our greatness we can move past our fears, whether self-imposed or from others. Don’t let a lack of experience or education become an obstacle. If there is something that you always dreamed of doing like changing a job or skydiving, the more you train your mind to think in a new perspective and rehearse the steps to fulfill that dream, the more obtainable it can become.





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