Energy Vampires



Surround yourself with positive people, there are too many energy vampires out there, all to happy to steal your shine.” – Author Unknown

Energy Vampires

An energy vampire is someone who sucks the positive feeling from you, leaving you drained and exhausted. They are also referred to as Emotional Vampires. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with people who may or may not even realize the affect their behavior and essence have on others.

My son, Rocco, and I were in an elevator when a man rushed in as the doors were closing. He was out of breath and breathing heavy. He began to thump the button for the 10th floor rapidly, as if hitting it faster and harder would have any effect on how quickly we would arrive. When he exited, Rocco and I looked at each other with confusion and exhaustion etched into our faces. Have you experienced something similar when someone else’s bad vibes cause your typically happy demeanor to become tainted?

Here’s something you can do: In your mind’s eye, create an invisible shield around yourself, like a bubble when in the presence of an Energy Vampire. Imagine this to be a protective layer between you and the Energy Vampire. They cannot steal your happiness unless you let them. 

Are there any Energy Vampires in your life? 




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