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Eliminate Toxins

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Eliminate Toxins

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.

Winston Churchill

After being exposed to toxic mold poisoning, I became chemically sensitive. Four types of mold infiltrated my bloodstream. With alternative remedies such as oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, vitamin IV, and eliminating chemical cleaners, I became super detoxified, which is good but also challenging. Strong chemical scents now make me physically ill. During my recovery, I couldn’t go into a mall, a grocery store, or even my son’s school.  

While multiple chemical sensitivity is a controversial topic among physicians, I can tell you that it’s a very real diagnosis for my husband and me. Chemically scented candles give us headaches. That “new car” smell is actually the off-gassing of formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals used to treat materials for the carpet, dashboard, and seat covers. We use only paints with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs give us headaches and flu-like symptoms.

If you’ve recently moved into a new home or office and developed allergies that won’t go away, you might be chemically sensitive or worse, have some level of toxic mold contamination in your building. Please get that checked by a certified mold remediator.

We diffuse essential oils all throughout the day. I use Young Living Essential Oils. They can clear your stuffy nose, prevent colds, enhance your mood, and help you sleep. Use them for cleaning too! Here are some quick and easy alternatives to chemical-laden cleaners and products.

  • Swap chemically infused candles for soy candles with essential oils.
  • Use cleaners with natural and fragrance-free ingredients.
  • Use baking soda to clean and deodorize.
  • Use vinegar to degrease and clean windows.

Eliminate toxins in your life today!


  1. Kari biech

    I love all the helpful information and look forward to reading your book.
    Glad to hear everyone is doing better including your dog happy.
    God bless and keep rocking

    • Shemane Nugent

      Thanks so much Kari!
      Happy is getting better every day.
      We are too!

  2. Gigi James

    OMG Thank you Thank you for your post on your FB page!!!!
    Long story but I will not write you a book about my health problems since I have gone to to several Dr. here in Dallas. I am 57 a super health nut walk 3 miles a day not on any meds. love my Vitamins!! I started having a cough in Feb. treated myself with essential oils etc. after 3 wks I decided to go to my Dr. W my Md- Internist for 27yrs. He said I had a bad upper respiratory infection. He was glad I came because I was not going to get over this without strong antibiotics, steroids & an inhaler. I freaked & argued cause I am never sick. After 7 days of taking all the meds I was worse than before my Dr. visit. After going to 8 different “Specalist Dr.” for more chest X Rays Blood work is many different strong meds which nothing worked!!! Dr W called me since I missed last appt. with him. I politely told him since the end of Feb 2015 I have been to 8 different Dr. for this “Upper Respiratory Infection”!! Not one of those SA Dr. have any idea what is wrong they all tell me “We will call you”
    Dr. W honestly has told me “I do not know what is wrong I personally want to take you to MD Anderson in Houston” my exact words to him were “F that & No but Hell No”!
    Dr. W knows me real real well….so….
    Thank you I believe Dr. Nugent you may have diagnosed my upper respiratory situation!!

    Gigi James
    FYI …..sorry that my comment did turn out to be a book!!

    • Shemane Nugent

      Dr. William Rea at the Environmental Medical Center in Dallas saved my life. Not all drs understand this. Hope that helps.

      • Gigi James

        Thank you for sharing Dr Wm Rea & Environmental Medical Center !!

  3. Cathy Waters

    I am also chemically sensitive. I make the cleaners that I use. I can’t have anything in the house that has soy in it since I am allergic to that too.I use essential oils to clean the air. At night a window is open to allow fresh, cool air in so that I am not running the AC as much. I don’t use chemicals on my skin. I use coconut oil for lotion. I use baking soda and vinegar on my hair. Since I have detoxed I feel great and no more mild heart attacks either due to chemicals and soy

  4. Christine a

    Love the article, and would like to learn more on ways of cleaning without creating toxins

    Kindest Regards
    Christine a Trice
    fb: christina trice

  5. Anonymous

    I live in a rented house . The owners have come into this house fter the weather has cleared assured me the mold growning in the bathroom and what should be the “fixed” leaky laundry room I was ushured they sprayed something into the roof or the walls or whatever but was told to get out of the room while trying to get a garuntee the mold would be removed out of this space I have concerns but the really isnt any way for me to see unless i tear a hole wich i dont want to do so how do know if there is mold Headaches have become something of a bother since moving into this house not sure if it is the kids or this place we moved into a few months ago .

    • Shemane Nugent

      So sorry to hear your story. You can contact an accredited mold tester to know for sure.

  6. Tashaleigh R

    Hi Shemane,
    I myself recently began to eliminate toxins from my life and home and coming across this blog post compelled me to want to share this AMAZING company with you and others. They have been in business for over 30 years, have an A+ with the BBB, givr their customers $100 in free prodicts over the first 4-5 months and much more. I say its as if your shopping at a high end storr like GAP, getting Walmart prices and extra bucks every month like CVS.

  7. Tashaleigh R

    Oh! I forgot to mention they are all natural and have everything feom cleaning, laundry, vitamins, supplements, makeup, bath body essential oils and more. Over 450+ products we all use every day but better

  8. Kathy

    Thank you for writing about detoxing. I have chronic lyme disease and have found the benefits of ridding my life of toxins including cleaners, laundry and personal soaps and shampoos. After finding about some of what essential oils can do, I have been able to throw out the pain pills I was taking daily for chronic headaches due to the lyme disease and use peppermint oil instead. Small steps have turned into large leaps in moving forward to decontaminate our home. You are an inspiration for many of us who are trying to improve our lives. Thank you for providing your insights.

    • Shemane Nugent

      That’s awesome Kathy! Good for you! I have seen the devastating effects of Lyme disease. Glad to hear you have found relief in essential oils. I use most are peppermint & lavender every day.
      Thanks for your support and kind words. I truly appreciate it & SO happy to hear you that this blog is inspiring. ; )

  9. Russ Kendall

    Many folks liken mold to the issue, but I believe that the mold is just the source of toxic gasses that wreak havoc on the body. I thought mold was the producer or carrier, and the gasses were the issue, so my curiosity as to whether mold actually can get into the bloodstream. Either way, knowing a mold remediator as a friend and having first hand experience in my own home , I can tell anyone reading that even though it may be expensive, do not let those dark spots or patches go without investigating them. Cleaning or bleaching may work in the immediate, but if it returns, you likely have a bigger problem that you can’t see. Mold eats paper and wood, and all it needs is a dark and moist place to exist, such as the back side of most common drywall products in your home. It can live there for years, so don’t take a chance if you suspect it. I was actually curious to know more about the Nugent home and how that happened. I know how mine did as I took on the job of tearing it out and to this day have left a basement unfinished.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Thanks for your post Russ. I could write a book about what happened to us….hmmmmm….perhaps I should! Meantime, flashing wasn’t installed properly in our house & it was basically raining between the walls. We never saw any dark spots, but kept getting sicker and sicker. Let your body be the guide. If you think something’s wrong, get the house tested. Now there are more qualified remediators than a decade ago. You’re right. It is expensive for the testing, but your health has no price tag.

  10. Linda G

    So many things I read about your sensitivity of smells hit home for me. The mall, especially places like Macy’s past the cosmetics, some grocery stores in the winter when the heat is on, most scentsy candles scents make me caugh, I have a difficult time breathing, I can feel my throat closing up, actually gagging. Now you have got me wondering if its more than just allergies? My new truck made me feel sick, had to drive with the windos down for weeks. Thinking back in my life, I didn’t have these problems until the last say 15 – 20 years & after reading your article, I’m thinking it’s all the chemicals. I use comet liquid, it’s made from citrus, it doesn’t bother me too bad, yet I do turn my face away when spraying it. But I’m careful on cleaning liquids & use pledge wet wipes to dust to cut down debris in the air. Most strong scents good & bad cause my throat to just swell up. Is this a chemical allergy?

    • Shemane Nugent

      It’s most likely a chemical sensitivity. Sometimes you can tolerate some chemical cleaners, but not others. Everyone is different.
      That new car smell is no picnic for people with chemical sensitivities. Ask the dealer you purchased the truck from if they can use an ozonator in the car to minimize the off-gassing. Here is a link that describes ozone generators. http://www.wikihow.com/Do-an-Ozone-Shock-Treatment-on-a-Vehicle

      Hope that helps! Keep us posted here.

  11. Nancy

    Thanks for this article, Shemane. I have pretty significant MCS and biotoxin illness (mold/Lyme). My chemical sensitivities have improved somewhat after biotoxin treatment but I have to say that essential oils are still one of my worst offenders (after dryer sheets, air fresheners and perfume/cologne). They really throw me for a loop and I’m always amazed when chronically ill folks can tolerate them, regardless of brand.

    I’m glad that you are talking about MCS and mold and hope that you will educate others on these topics. Thanks for what you’re doing!

    • Shemane Nugent

      So sorry to hear about your illness Nancy. We all have to discover our own paths to wellness. Air fresheners are the worst for me,too.
      I hope that this blog can start the discussion about MCS – there are still many who don’t understand it.
      Thanks for commenting. Hope to see you here again!

  12. Marissa Burghdorf

    Thank you for the blog!

  13. Adrianne Strati

    hi, i live in Sydney, Australia and im also suffering from mold related illnesses. I found you through the MOLD: the war within book facebook page. Im following the same sugar free diet and supplements, did you follow the same diet? did you use anything else? or did you follow the Dr. Shoemaker protocol? what else did you doctor recommend? im also trying to use non-prescription methods
    Please reply soon

    • Shemane Nugent

      Hi Adrianne! So sorry for what you’re experiencing. I know it all too well.
      I did follow a specific diet and regime from Dr. William Rea of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas. The most important thing is to think about detoxifying your body. I did it with alternative remedies like infared sauna, vitamin IV & oxygen. Dr. Rea once told me his work wasn’t done until he got his patients off all medications. Finding a dr. like that is difficult though! I was on the Rotation Diet, and fortunately I already eliminated preservatives & chemicals in my food. We eat venison, which is the #1 protein sustenance!
      Prayers from the U.S.
      Please keep us posted with your progress.

      p.s. I LOVE Sydney!!

  14. Diane Hulcher

    Thanks so much for your help and info. I am sick from mold…mostly aspergillis peu.
    I get very anxious and short of breath. We have not moved….i stay in a safe room or outdoors most of time.
    Thinking of going to Dr Rea or Dr Nagy in Mass who was helped by Dr Rea.
    In the meanwhile I would be interested in essential oils that helped you.
    thanks so much.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Hi Diane!
      So sorry to hear but happy you are staying in a safe room. I use Young Living Essential Oils. Please contact [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about them. She’s helped me immensely!

  15. Sara Knutson

    Hi Shemane,
    I have MCS and I have had them since I was a kid, but the are getting some what better now that a I have been on a all organic diet, I am also. Allergic to GMOs and I have asthma bad and sometimes it can be hard because people don’t understand that I can not go every were or eat just anything, I just wanted to thank you for getting the Awareness out there!

    • Shemane Nugent

      Hi Sara!
      I understand all too well that many people simply don’t understand MCS. I was totally shocked when a chiropractor was burning scented candles in their office and refused to stop although others have complained about the smell. Just keep doing what you have to do to stay healthy and pray for those who don’t understand how toxins can cause asthma and allergies. Have you tried oxygen, infrared saunas & vitamin IVs? That may help.

      Healthy hugs!

  16. Maria E

    Hi! I was exposed to mold, and I am having health problems since then, went to several Drs and no one think they are related to mold, I need to find a knowledgeable dr in Illinois, do you know of any? Thanks for all the info and help in your blog!!

    • Shemane Nugent

      Hi Maria! So sorry to hear about your struggle. I don’t know of anyone in Illinois specifically, but google ‘wholistic’ ‘doctor’ ‘mold’ in the nearest big city & see if you find any.

      Hope that helps! Many blessings…

  17. dinayatita02

    I am actually grateful to the owner of this website who has
    shared this great article at here.


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