Dress Like A Rock Star



“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”  – Mick Jagger

Dress Like a Rock Star

Ok, that might sound a bit extreme, but think in terms of what could be slightly more exciting or stylish than the clothes you usually wear. Rock stars carefully cultivate their image. Shop your closet. Mix things up. 

Ladies: Step out of your comfort zone. Pair a floral top with striped pants. Look at popular fashion sites on the Internet for ideas. Add some dazzling earrings or a pearl necklace to a simple t-shirt. Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous.” If only for today, be those two things. Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex and the City wore a pearl necklace with her pajamas when she went to visit a friend late one night. That’s fabulous!

Guys: Pull up your pants! If you’re not Marky Mark or David Beckham, people really don’t want to see the name of your underwear. As a woman, there is absolutely nothing more enticing to me than a man in a fabulously fitted suit or nice casual attire. Now, if I could just get my husband to agree  … 

These days, almost anything goes. Be brave. Be fabulous. What you wear tells a story about who you are.  How do you feel when you have a rock’n outfit on?  Happy? Confident?  Spend 4 minutes shopping your closet and put together an ensemble that rocks!


  1. Carrie

    I Love “Shop your closet!” That’s what i tell people – you probably have more outfits and looks in your closet than you know. Also, just taking some of your existing pieces and search Pinterest for ideas for those specific pieces – you can get fabulous inspiration from there, especially if you have trouble putting things together yourself or stepping out of your rut!

    • Shemane Nugent

      Pinterest is a great place to get ideas on updating your wardrobe!

  2. Anonymous

    You are a smart lady , I should read more of your writing but sorry hate reading, scared I will learn stuff from you . Lol .keep it up. Tim Kline

  3. Pete Miller

    This is True ……My Wife Has her Own cutting Edge Style…..While it is not for everyone…….Working With one piece….Whether it’s Been Recently Purchased or Already Owned……The Rest of The Look Comes From The Closet…..Also Looking in your Closet And Creating A new Look For Yourself Cause you have aged….And you’ve got droopy Arms or Your Top Just Doesn’t look like it did when you were 10 Years Younger…….She Doesn’t give A crap About Age Appropriate Wear……Because That doesn’t Apply ….If it fits ….And You Are Not Hanging out….Or Someone Can See Everything…..Than go for it…..

    • Shemane Nugent

      We all have our own style! That’s what makes life interesting!


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