Don’t forget the Veggies today!

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Don’t forget the veggies today! My top tips to avoid overeating on Super Bowl day – or any day:

1. Fill up on veggies – without the dip! Before you dive into the massive pile of chips, refried beans, cheese and guac, commit to having a few raw carrots and celery.
3. Drink an extra glass or 2 of lemon water.
4. Pick 1 or 2 must-have snacks or treats and commit to only those. The more you graze the more you gain.
5. Remember it’s only 1 day. We’ll burn off those extra calories tomorrow, right?! Join me 6pm Monday at Crunch Waco for an extra fun, extra calorie burning Zumba fitness class!! Until then, eat, drink & be merry!

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