Dinner with the President

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Ted Nugent, President Donald Trump, Shemane Nugent. Official White House Photo By Shealah Craighead

President Trump walked into the Oval Office and we all held our breath. It’s not every day that you get to spend the evening with the president of the United States. With the Secret Service flanking him, our Commander-In-Chief showed off his dazzling smile and did something none of us expected.

He picked up a guitar and started strumming.

The president of rock ‘n roll presents a guitar to the President of the United States. Official White House Photo By Shealah Craighead

My husband, Ted Nugent, and I, were invited by Governor Sarah Palin, along with Kid Rock, his fiancé Audrey, and several of Governor Palin’s friends, including daughter Willow, to have dinner with President Trump.

Official White House Photo By Shealah Craighead

It was truly a monumental moment. President Trump was beyond gracious, giving us a detailed tour of White House grounds, the Oval Office, and even the Lincoln bedroom.

personal tour by President Trump. Photo courtesy Governor Sarah Palin

The dinner was spectacular with lobster salad, lamb, roasted vegetables and Baked Alaska, in honor of Alaska’s former governor Sarah Palin.  President Trump even signed Ted’s menu to auction and raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Waco tonight!

President Trump told us he was grateful for what people like Sarah and Ted did for him when he was campaigning and simply wanted to show his appreciation by inviting Sarah and her friends.



The conversation was intense and lively, but when my husband started tapping the plate with his fork like he does at home when he really, really likes the food, I gave him one of those don’t you dare looks, and he quickly stopped.

We capped off the night with a tour of the Press Room by Sean Spicer.


We topped it off with a nightcap at the Hotel George, in Georgetown.




  1. Pete miller

    That was Epic!!…The Whole Experience of being in the Whitehouse …And Taken on that personalized tour was Something in itself…That Meal Sounds Awesome….

  2. Valerie Nehl

    That is very exciting to meet the President. I also work for a US Senator for over 18 years and have met a lot of people including Presidents it is something that you and your family will always remember. Congratulations.

  3. Mike Parker

    Great article love the pictures.

  4. Ronna M. Dunigan

    Well, I must say, y’all had the opportunity many other citizens would never experience. I think it is great of the President to invite all of you AND to give his autograph to sell for a worthy cause.
    Thanks for sharing with the public so we can see just how REAL this President is!
    Ronna M. Dunigan

  5. Al Smith

    AAAWWW what a beautiful sight.
    Ain’t no gloom in the room.

  6. Roxann Money

    Shemane you once told me ” Many Blessings ” now I say the same to you. ” Many Blessings “

  7. Todd

    I bet that was an awesome experience. I guess being around Ted everyday would be pretty awesome itself. Someday I will get to see the White House,but I’m sure my tour guide and company won’t be as good. Tell Ted to keep on keepin on.

  8. John Manos

    Fantastic Pictures showing how truly Gratful President Trump is to have been givin the Trust of he American People. God Bless you all for all you did to help our President get Elected.

  9. Ronald Gerhardt

    You guys look like you had fun , good for you , I would love to go hunting with you guys sometime !!

  10. Danielle

    Incredible night!!!! Wow!!! So proud of you and what you stand for! Xoxoxo

  11. Paul Baker

    Very cool!

  12. Jackie Dymond

    Awesome love you guys we are so happy you had fun. You are GREAT AMERICANS

  13. Richard Glaser

    Wow, that was fantastic, good guys and gals in the White House

  14. Sandra Myles

    Best group I’ve seen at the White House. Hands down the best looking and greatest hunters!
    That will give them something to talk about for weeks.

  15. Sharon Tibbits

    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos Shemane. As a 13th generation American and also a Michigander I’m thankful for how the Nugent family represents Michigan.

  16. Sharon Tibbits

    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos Shemane. As a 13th generation American and also a Michigander I’m thankful for how the Nugent family represents Michigan.

  17. Sharon Tibbits

    By the way, I volunteered for President Trump during his campaigning in Orlando, Winter Park, and Daytona. I wasn’t afraid at all. We are in a desperate situation in this country right now. President Trump revealed so many rigged and fraudulent systems, even the GOP was rigged against President Trump. I can’t wait for President Trump to take on the Department of Education. The government KNEW the DOE’s servicer was cheating service members on their loans. Read about the Sallie Mae (Navient) whistleblower lawsuits and miltary lawsuits. Poor civilians do not have anyone to sue for them.

  18. Judy

    Love it! What a fantastic evening…with all the patriots!

    my husband, Rand and myself are looking forward to seats in row 7 of Ted’s concert in Phoenix!!!

  19. Haskell Green

    It makes me feel great to know we have a President now that is a regular guy. President Trump is a great man that has not lost sight of the regular man inside. The fact that the people that are invited to the White House get a tour like one of us showing off our new car let’s you see that President Trump is a regular guy in spite of having millions of dollars and being the leader of the free world. I can see how much he loves our country in his every action. He is my President and will have my respect and loyalty because of these traits.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Yes, he seems to be very straightforward & down to Earth.

  20. John Patrick


  21. Tom kane

    Did you present that guitar to him?

  22. Terry Neils

    Great pictures of a bunch of people who love America! God bless all of you! Did the thought of bow hunting lobsters enter Ted’s mind? You are all great Patriots! By the way your live posts on facebook are awesome. I think it shows that you are real people.

  23. Kent Morgan Albu

    Great day ! : ) was the red white and blue get-fiddle a gift to Ted ? or from
    Ted ?

  24. Alice Nemer

    That is awesome, I love seeing truly great americans in our white house, love EVERY one of you!

  25. Clifton Shannon

    Dang Ted!
    I’m not sure I would have ever recognized you in a suit if you hadn’t have been with Shemane. You clean up good!

    You all look great and I’m sure it was a great time

    Congratulations to you all!
    What a Great President Trump.

  26. Gail Tyree

    These are excellent photos. Thank you for posting them and sharing your experience at the White House with President Trump and friends. Look forward to seeing Ted again in concert here in Orlando, Florida in July. Met the two of you at a book signing (Grill It and Kill It) in Winter Park, Florida.

    • Shemane Nugent

      I remember that book-signing!!
      Hope to see you again!

  27. Thomas G. Henning

    I think President Trump was very thankful for Ted warming up the crowd in Michigan! I recorded that and have watched it many times. The Star Spangled Banner was beautiful. And, Shemane you are too! Looking forward to seeing you in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on July 22 2017.

  28. Laura Fair

    What a fabulous opportunity for two of the greatest patriots I know!

  29. Randy Ashworth

    Shemane,Ive been a fan of your husband for 40 yrs.I grew up with his beautiful music that helped me be who I am today!Ive also been a fan of our beloved President for just as long due to his business genius and his charitable,benevolent heart!I cant think of anyone better to dine with our awesome President than you and Ted,congradulations.Please tell Ted that Randy from the metal band 13 A Cross said hello and God Bless,he is truly a great American!

  30. Alam Grimm

    Hello Shemane,
    Wonderful to see you and Uncle Ted visit and dine with our awesome President at the White House. It must have been an incredible experience. I’m a big Trump supporter. It’s exciting to know there’s someone in the office that is working hard to make (and keep) America Great Again.
    I am also one of Ted’s biggest fans all the way back to the Amboy Dukes days. Yeah ! Also… tell Ted I was in the audience when he played that “*******” note at the Celebration of Life Festival in Louisiana back in the early ’70’s. Rock on Uncle Ted ! Love you both
    God Bless,
    Alan G.


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