Day 25: Shake Day


You’re here. Today. Not everyone who takes this 30-Day challenge will actually read this page. Some people have fallen off the wagon. But not you!

First of all, regardless of the scale or the mirror, congratulate yourself. As my dad always said, “Finish what you start.” That has stuck with me my entire life and I now instill that in my kids. You are finishing up with a bang.

Earlier, I suggested that you create a group of cleanse friends to help you share in your triumphs and encourage you when you’re faced with challenges.

Here are three questions I want you to answer to yourself:

  1. Have you been keeping in touch? People who are making positive health changes do better when they have the support of friends and family. If you haven’t been in contact with your cleanse friends recently, then please call them today and let them know how you’re doing.
  2. Have you been tracking your numbers in your journal? When you document your changes, you get a true realization of how far you’ve come on the 30-Day System.
  3. Are you still steering clear of unhealthy foods? Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing works best when you’re eating foods that are free of trans, saturated fats, sugars and white flour. If you’re nibbling on an occasional sugary snack or hitting up the fast-food joint down the street, try to eliminate them altogether to get the best health benefit.

Two Paths to Choose- Which Works Best For You?

You’re almost at the end of your 30-Day System.

  1. If you’d like to make more progress, we recommend going through a second 30-Day System.  Many of the most powerful success stories that have come through Isagenix are our 100 and 200 lb. club stories. Click here to read more. You might not have that much to lose but you can be sure that if you are on a positive path of weight-loss you can keep the momentum going through another 30-day system until you reach your desired weight.
  2. 2) If you’ve reached your goals, talk to me about what you would like to do next. If you’ve loved your experience you can certainly make additional income offering the system to others. To maintain your results we also have several systems and paks that are designed to meet different needs and maximize the rewards you’ve made during the 30-Day System. Be sure to order today to ensure that you receive your product in time.

All Isagenix systems can be ordered in your Back Office or by calling Customer Service 1-877-877-8111 (*All calls will be recorded for quality purposes).

Good luck today, you’re in the home stretch!  Let’s keep the momentum going!

Shemane Nugent

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Clinical Nutritionist Answers Your Questions Live

dr inaMark your calendar for the dates and times below so you always have them on hand. Three times a week you can get your questions answered by a professional.

Ask Ina Nozek, DC, MS, CCN
Monday and Wednesday 8-8:30 a.m. PST and 6:30-7 p.m. PST
Friday 8-8:30 a.m. PST
1-641-715-3842 Code 2100#




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