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Day 12: Shake Day


You no longer have to think about the steps in the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, which makes it easier for you to follow. You may also notice some positive changes, such as weight loss and increased energy—talk about feeling even more motivated to stick with it!

There’s one thing that you should be aware of—as you continue, it may be tempting to fall off the system because you no longer have to think so hard about it. You might believe having a high-calorie snack can’t hurt or you may give into temptation at a party or weekend barbecue.

If you give yourself permission to stray from the system, enjoy your slip and then return to the system plan ASAP! Then keep going as you had been.

A natural solution for fatigue

If you’re feeling fatigued because of the changes you’re making, try Want More Energy?®, our natural energy mix. It’s packed with electrolytes, trace minerals and other nutrients to help your body create quick energy without feeling jittery.

Add a stick of either our orange or grape flavored Want More Energy?® mix to your IsaLean® Shake or enjoy it in with your water. Order it today in your Back Office.

Have a terrific Shake Day!

Shemane Nugent




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